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Superqueeros! for December 22nd, 2010

HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND KWANZAA!!!!!! The comic book industry can sense when you're about to get gift cards to your local comic book store (call it a Spectacular Spider-Man Sense) and so they're throwing caution to the wind and inundating the market with new comics on Wednesday. I'm serious: things about the get crazy. So who's gay on Wednesday?

Wildcats #30

Did you read The Authority #29? Do you know who the new Doctor is? Are you ready for The End of All Things (Wildstorm)? This is THE ISSUE, guys! Apocalypse came to Wildstorm and it's about to be retconned, solved, or otherwise resolved as we meet the fastest Doctor ever to hold the title! Expect Rainmaker, Apollo, and Midnighter cameos, as well as EVERY OTHER WILDSTORM CHARACTER EVER. If Christmas is about family, then this is the most Christmas-y comic you'll read this month! #soexcited

New Mutants #20

TEAM UP. We all know that Karma is the most important New Mutant (certainly the most interesting), but FINALLY the universe agrees. With every other New Mutant held captive by the Purgatory Babies, Karma and Magik are going to rally Utopia and save their friends! Well, unless they're too late. Then the world is going to end. And in Marvel there's no Doctor to fix everything when your planet gets turned into a hell-dimension. #whoops!

Uncanny X-Men #531

Quarantine continues! E'erybody on Utopia is sick! Wolvie is DYING! Rockslide is... basically over? How does a psychic entity get sick again? PLOT HOLES ASIDE, Northstar is going to be KICKING BUTT this month! As one of the 5 X-men outside of the quarantine, he, Dazzler, Pixie, Angel, and Storm are going to be putting the smack down on Sublime's latest home-made mutants and, hopefully, the Collective Man! People have criticized this storyline as being, basically, exactly what Grant Morrison did during New X-Men, to which I say: New X-Men was AMAZING!!!!! Don't knock a working formula! And buy this book, even though Greg Land is doing the art!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #4

Okay, so this book is called "Daken: Dark Wolverine" but, according to the solicit, Daken is going to be forging a new identity after faking his death last issue? Meaning that this comic book is about to NOT be about Daken, since he's presumably going to be selecting a new moniker, and is DEFINITELY not about "Dark Wolverine" (sooo 2009) ? So why does it retain the outdated name? PLOT HOLES ASIDE, Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way rock at writing, so this is going to be a ball-busting issue no matter who it stars. I wonder if Daken's going to refrain from using his claws in his new identity? The cover shows him fighting the FF; will Johnny et al. be able to recognize their former friend? And what is the next step in Daken's plan for world conquest???

Honorable Mentions after the cut!
Wonder Woman #605

Diana vs The Morrigan! The solicit tells us that Diana is facing off against one of the three Morrigan, and Wikipedia tells us that there is no definitive story to that. Evidently in Latin texts morrigans are scary evil monster ladies and in Ireland it's a proper noun that refers to either a war goddess or a trio of goddesses. Does this mean that for JMS's Wonder Woman she's defending her people and her religion against the very real attacks on them by other pantheons? There are more questions than answers here, but never have I been more excited for a Wonder Woman book than this month! Irish goddesses fighting the champion of the Greeks? This is what comics were made for!

X-Men: Legacy #243

As Jason noted, Bling! is one of the X-Men within the radius of Karima's wrath, so even though this book seems to be focusing more on Hope helping Julian deal with the anger he has over loosing his arms we may get some queer cameos! Also, Mike Carey is a god amongst scribes.

X-Men #6

This is the ultimate issue of X-men vs. Vampires! It's the mutants against Dracula, perhaps one of the X-Men's most classic conflicts. But this time there's an additional element: Jubilee is among the enemy! How will the X-men save one of their own without losing any more compatriots??? And will Bling! get to do some slaying???? #ToughSkinGang

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