Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jessica Jones Getting Her Own TV Series

So I may be a little late to the game with this information, but I just came across the news that our favorite interracial married, journalist, gay fanboy fave super mom Jessica Jones of Avengers fame will be getting her own television series on ABC, under the title AKA Jessica Jones [via G4].
Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, the character was introduced in 2001 as super-powered private investigator with a retconned origin loosely connected to Spider-Man's, as a woman who gains super strength, durability, and flight after a car accident that killed her family exposed her to radioactive material. However, after a less than successful stint as a costumed hero called Jewel, her present was shown as a gritty career in street clothes as owner of Alias Private Investigations. With a relationship to Marvel hero Luke Cage (who is rumored to be in the running for a movie,) that results in their marriage, as well as a stint with the New Avengers, Jessica's ran quite a gamut in just under decade. As the report describes her TV character:
"Jessica, now in her early 30s, decides to keep far away from others gifted with superpowers and to open her own detective agency. But once she settles down, she realizes she still has a drive to help people -- and finds herself assisting other superheroes."
We could possibly be in store for a show with a bad-ass female who, unlike the others we see on TV and movies, isn't all that self-assured and carries an ambivalence with which audiences might identify. While she'll undoubtedly be gorgeous and sexual, and her superpowers may be larger than life, her day-to-day problems may not necessarily be the hybrid of the plot of some Bond film and a Penthouse forum letter. In fact, Rosenberg describes her new show's character as "deeply flawed but with a biting sense of humor."
I'm really excited at the news that Jessica is getting her own series. Jones was one of my favorite characters in the early days of Young Avengers when she was a surrogate mom of sorts to the super powered teenagers (and the object of much fanboy love from Billy and Teddy). Now that she has a kid of her own, her supermom priorities have been focused on keeping her super baby safe and returning to the superhero life as a part of the New Avengers. Particularly interesting with this announcement is that Marvel is choosing to shine some focus on some of its tangential characters who aren't the big hitters of the Marvel Universe, but nevertheless have strong fan support.

Here's hoping AKA Jessica Jones is also known as a great tv show!

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Ray said...

This is actually a really great character to translate into TV. Especially if the focus is on Bendis' Alias run. There is also that whole Raven tv series being developed (Raven of Teen Titans fame). These projects may cancel each other out though....

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