Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SuperQueeros! for December 28th, 2011

The last comics of 2011 are pretty rockin'! Though there aren't any superqueeros in it, I'd recommend checking out Sinister's views on nature vs. nurture in Uncanny X-Men. Also, I'd recommend these killer books:

Avengers: Children's Crusade#8
Almost the end! The solicits say someone dies... Is it Vision, so that Iron Lad can get his armor back? Or Speed, because he's boring? Or Wanda, because they're counting her as a Young Avenger and it looks like that's the way the story is turning? Or maybe it's Billy and then whoever currently has the reality warping powers that drove Wanda crazy will bring him back and then kick the bucket. Yeah, I'm going with that theory. Let's find out if I'm right!

Teen Titans #4
More Bunker, more Bunker, more Bunker! I'm excited! And Superboy and Wonder Girl get in a fight! No doubt they will be in <3s and Robin will be mopey until the awesomeness of the Spoiler comes along! And Bunker will be in the story and punch Superboy! #nice

Alpha Flight #7
Wolvie! The most famous member of Alpha Flight returns to knock some sense into the fascist Canadian government!

Justice League Dark #4
The team comes together! But also, the Enchantress is supes crazy... Will they rescue her from her madness, or lock her up and throw away the key?

Hack/Slash #11
The end of the Women's Prison Breakout story arc!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

SuperQueeros! for December 21st, 2011

I'm on vacation next week, so here's a quick run-down of the superqueeros coming out on the 21st!

Wonder Woman#4

Daken: Dark Wolverine #18

X-Factor #229
This book is so crazy atm.

Hellblazer #286
Constantine finally gets his coat back!

New Mutants #35
Is Blink bi?

SuperQueeros! for December 14th, 2011

Batwoman #4
Firebird has taken to the streets, Kate's alienated everyone in her life, and the child-napping water-witch is still on the loose! Things are really not looking good for this book's heroine, but the book is still as good looking as ever! #buyit

Avengers Academy #23
As noted in the post below this title is (semi-)newly queer-tastic! Plus X-23 is joining this issue! Wouldn't it be weird if she were joining as staff? She's almost there, if you disregard the raging angst. Anyway! Julie Power and Striker! #Doublequeeros!

(Veronica #210 Veronica Presents) Kevin Keller #4
It's the last Kevin Keller! Well, the last one before his continuing series in February. But it's a momentous occasion: like Kurt on Glee, Kevin Keller is running for class president! Will Veronica's scheming echo the disastrous effects of Rachel's awkward efforts to elect her gbf, or will Kevin rise above adversity and claim the presidency? #plainfun

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9: Freefall #4
The new cast members start snooping in this issue (finally!). With Buffy in peril and the Scoobies ignoring her, hopefully the newbies will put the stash of stakes and the night-roaming together and come to the aid of their rogue slayer-roommate!

The New Avengers #19
Avengers vs. Dark Avengers!!! But whose side is Victoria Hand really on????

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SuperQueeros! Back Issue Alert!

What's this protein-rich substance on my face????!!??!

Oh, it's egg. Because I have egg on my face. Because I missed tracking one of the campiest bisexual superheroes to ever grace the pages of a Marvel magazine: Julie Power!!!! And for that I am TOTES sorry.

In case you don't know, Julie came out when she was running with a short-lived but critically acclaimed group of ex-heroes called "The Loners". And, in case you're counting, yes, every rainbow-trailing lady in oh-so-subtle 616 is a flag-waving superqueero. A fact which I forgot until one of Power's new teammates decided to jump on the out-and-proud bandwagon and Avengers Academy writer Christos Gage gave this interview.

Did you go read the interview? It's good. Way, way heavy, but good. I went through a lot of emotions reading the piece, but Gage echoed a lot of the worries that I've heard from ill-augering fans and he seemed up on his research. I'm hoping that means that this is going to be a crazy poignant, crazy complex story. Plus, a new gay means a new love interest possibility for Graymalkin!

And it means that every little LGBTAllies comic book fan has some holiday reading to do: all 22 issues of Avengers Academy! (Or just start with #21 if you're only reading for Julie ;D )

Monday, December 5, 2011

SuperQueeros! for December 7th, 2011

X-Factor #228
DID YOU READ ISSUE #227?????? That was CRAZY, Y'ALL! As in, I kind of don't understand what happened? But a lot of prophecies came true? But.... I don't know how? Also, why? And there's two more issues in this story arc so... The answers we'll be getting this week will probably only lead to more questions. Hopefully, though, we'll get some dot-connecting, because Regenesis is only two issues away and right now I don't think time is moving linearly for our heroes!

Stormwatch #4
So last issue's date didn't go very well and now Midnighter will have to rescue his soon-to-be-beloved from the stomach of a world-munching moon-beastie. By himself.

I give the monster 4 pages until it's dead.

The other news, though, is that there's a roster change to the team? I'm guessing they're referring to how the swordsman-guy who is the spirit of lies is going to betray the Authority and become their first Big Bad, but that's just a guess. They could mean they're going to kill Jenny and bring her back. Or knock out Adam One in a bid to make this an arc about nihilism. But I'm pretty sure no one's dying this early on, just switching sides.

True Blood: The French Quarter #4
Possibly the best cover of a comic book ever, ever. Eric, Sookie, and Bill deal with STDs while Lafayette and, evidently, Pam, get crunk on TruBlood cocktails. #awesome

Hack/Slash #10 & the 2011 Annual!
What to write about these two issues? From the solicits the annual seems like an interesting supernatural adventure and issue #10... seems like a cartoon-ish-ly absurd straight male fantasy. So pick it up, bi boys (and allies)!