Monday, January 28, 2013

SuperQueeros! for January 30th, 2013

It's only the last Wednesday of January, and already it's time for the Colt-est cover of 2013!

X-treme X-men #9
Hercules and Howlett kiss-wrastle! Well, maybe not, but the solicit says that the (former?) boyfriends do go "head to head." I'm just using fan-license to decide which "head" they're talking about. ;D Oh, and didn't Dazzler die last issue? Meh, I'm sure she'll recover. She is, just like Howlett, the best at what she does. And what he does is Herc, while what she does is revive, then kill her post-apocalyptic doppleganger and take her mirrored combat heels. #hot

Invincible #100
Speaking of killing people who look like you, this book started when Mark's father, Omniman, turned evil and killed a bunch of people. Now, in the final issue of "The Death of Everyone", Mark is faced with a similar choice. Will he follow in his father's human-massacring footsteps????

Justice League Dark #16
Trapped in a world without magic, JLD is a JOKE. Let's just hope they're not a killing joke!

True Blood #9
The werewolf invasion comes to an end!

Hack/Slash #23 
The final girl army continues to fight it's war on slashers!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Scarlet Betch Episode 72

Hey Betches!

Hi folks! We're back this week with a return to the audio podcast form! We've been getting feedback from several listeners that our video podcasts while fun were kind of long and rambly. And while I'm sure many of you will miss enjoying Anthony's adorable smile, we've accepted that we're far too chatty and not tech-savvy enough to edit down our long videos to manageable lengths. But the plus side, you can download us directly to your mp3 player! Subscribe to our podcast over at the iTunes site, or download it directly HERE!

Monday, January 21, 2013

SuperQueeros! for January 23, 2013


Young Avengers #1
BILLY AND TEDDY ARE BACK!!!!! (And their new team is KILLER!!!) This is probably the happiest day of the entire year, you guys. It's like Valentine's Day 2013 came three weeks early! 

  • This Scott O'Malley variant cover? I AM IN LOVE. 
  • Billy and Teddy? They are in love! And I'm in love with 'shipping their love!
  • Miss America Chavez AND Hawkeye? It's like the Wondie/Batwoman team-up all over again! LOVE!
  • And tiny Loki!! (It would be totes cute if he fought a tiny Hulk at some point, eh?)
  • (Sidebar, though: Yeah... Lil' Cap'n Marvel... There already is a young Kree superhero on this team? So... Just what do you think you're going to be doing here that Teddy can't? Because the answer is nothing. [EDIT: The answer is kissing ladies.]) 
But whatevs! Awesome can never be redundant! Which is why I'm buying three copies of this book! #billyteddy #otp

Batwoman #16
MEDUSA FIGHT. And who's this "new superhero" they will be introducing????

Astonishing X-Men #58
Warbird continues on her mission to wipe out another alien race! Will the Shi'ars' colonialist legacy catch up with her???

Chew #31
Last issue was the close of the first half of Chew. Now it's time for the final thirty issues. And now that Toni Chu is dead, no one will be able to escape her all-seeing eye!

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #6
The end of this limited run prequel! (That's all I got: I'm waitin' on the giant trade.)

Wonder Woman #16
It's old gods versus New Gods! Diana versus Orion! Stars versus stars 'n' stripe(d bikini bottom)s!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16

The crossover with Teen Titans continues (for all you Bunker completists).

Hellblazer #299
John Constantine is dead! (Again.) Hey, maybe a new John will be born and raised in the future by his Messiah-esque daughter and return to give all the mages back the powers that were stolen by the Fuchsia Mutant! #nope

Monday, January 14, 2013

SuperQueeros! for January 16th, 2012

A light week in 'queeros this week but a milestone for the man - nay, the legend - who is battling his way back from a stroke, the ineffable Peter David.

X-Factor #250
WOO ISSUE 250!!!! Though PD hasn't been the scribe on every single issue of title, and though he wasn't the writer who started it, he is far and away the sole reason this book has made it to this landmark issue. X-Factor is the epitome of consumate, character-driven storytelling, a place where even the Darwins and Layla Millers of the comic book world can come to find a personality. And it doesn't hurt that it features Rictor, my first ever X-crush. ;)

Oh, and this issue starts the "Hell on Earth War" as the team fights the Lords of Hell for the right to decide the fate of Rahne's son.
Life With Archie #26
Kevin Keller is running for Senate! On gun-control! Quick, someone tell Biden that the Vice Presidental comic book tie-in is here!!

Demon Knights #26
THIRTY YEAR JUMP! Who lived? Who died? Who gave birth to an army of vampire demon-spawn?!?!?

Grifter #16
Is Voodoo still on this book? Because that's the only reason this book is on this list!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SuperQueeros! for January 9th, 2013

Um, PAY DIRT, you guys! I've got SEVEN queer-inclusive titles, plus two possibles! To paraphrase Macklemore, "Peep game, come take a look through my Geek' Out post/Tryin' get gays from a comic? Got the hella most!"

Supurbia #3
That's right. It's game time. Agent Twilight is coming out and nothings going to stop him, especially his beau's insecurities! Plus all the kids are in danger, Tia wants to head back to work (Justice-League-ing, that is) and Hella might be headed back to prison! This book is TOTES. PERF.

Artifacts #24
Dani Baptiste may not be the Angelus anymore, but that sure isn't stopping her from getting it on with the artifact's new, hot-as bearer, Finch! This one's for the ladies!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 9: Freefall #17
Illyria has whisked the Buff-ster away to another dimension! Unfortunately for the Scoobies, they are all either fighting or virtual strangers to each other! How will the newest version of the classic ground team survive a zom-pocalypse with no Slayer??? And will Illyria be joining the dysfunctional roster?????

Stormwatch #16
EVERYONE CONTINUES TO BEAT UP MIDNIGHTER! One character "changes irrevocably!" My bet is on the Engineer, but maybs its Jenny Q turning 13! Oh, gosh... I just terrified myself with that thought...

Fairest #11
Rapunzel continues to kick butt!

Earth 2 #8
Steppenwolf spared one Amazon! And she looks EVIL! Could this be Donna Troy???????????????

Hack/Slash #22

The Phantom Stranger #4
JLD guests in this issue; maybe Madame X is among them!

True Blood #8
Werewolf story continues; no idea if Lafayette is in this book.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SuperQueeros! for January 2nd, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And to ring in the new year, here's this week's queer-inclusive titles:

Teen Titans #15
While the Robins are busy with this "Death in the Family" tie-in, Arsenal takes over the Titans? That sounds bad! But Batgirl will be in this issue too, so it's automatically perfect!

Justice League Dark #15
The team is hopping dimensions to save Zatanna and that lil' Havok-esque Gary Stu they've been towing around. Hopefully Madame X can set everything to rights. (Lol, j/k, she's totes gonna Cassandra everything so it's way worse and much more exciting!)

Invincible #99
Dunno if William Clockwell and his boyfriend Rick Sheridan are in this epic battle (titled "The Death of Everyone"), but if not at least there's a giant mutant T-rex!