Friday, February 26, 2010

Interview: Qui Nguyen of Vampire Cowboys

Earlier this year, Vampire Cowboys was nominated for a GLAAD Media award for Soul Samurai. I had the exciting opportunity to speak to Qui Nguyen of Vampire Cowboys about his recent production Soul Samurai, a blaxploitation, kung fu, vampire story featuring a lesbian protagonist and a whole lot of awesome. I have to first disclaim this interview to admit that I am a huge Vampire Cowboys fan, and am crossing my fingers and toes that they win their GLAAD award for best off-broadway theatre production.

SB: Vampire Cowboys isn't an explicitly LGBT/Queer theatre company, but Soul Samurai featured a lesbian protagonist. Were you expecting a GLAAD nomination?

Qui: No, we had no idea that we would be nominated for a GLAAD award at all. You have to invite GLAAD nominators to be nominated, but a lot of nominators also tend to be reviewers as well. So I think our press agent invited GLAAD nominators to review our show and then, I'm just assuming, that they invited other people and that's how we ended up getting the nomination... which was astounding. But, no, we weren't expecting it at all.

Monday, February 22, 2010

SuperQueeros! for February 24th

What an awesome day in the life of Queer comics! Don't know which titles will be featuring homos in spandex? Well here's the (extensive, though not necessarily complete) list!

Wildcats #20

Midnighter isn't gone, he just changed teams!!! (To the Wildcats. He's still a queer-mo.) I was pissed when, post-World's End, Midnight was booted from The Authority, but it's not that he was dropped as a character, he was just traded to the Wildcats because his beau is still extra-terrrestrial atm! Sorry for any slandering I've done, Wildstorm! Now pleeeeease rescue Apollo, okay?

X-Factor #202

Just like the cover promises, it's pansexual Shatterstar versus Top Ten Villain Doctor Doom! With M and the Thing! Can this get better? What's that, Valeria Richards is in this issue??? Oh DAAAAAAAAAAAANG this is gonna be good! (Plus maybe will get some more answers about Layla's involvement in all this!)

Batman and Robin #9

The final issue in the three part Batwoman crossover! Kathy Kane is gonna rise again, thanks to the Lazarus pit buried in the rubble that crushed her to death, but will she be the same Batwoman we've come to know and love, or something more twisted, more feral, more insane, and more awesome?

Nation X #3

ANOLE ISSUE!!!!! With Danger and Armor!!! This issue is a must-have for fans of the green-spiked lizard-boy and for anyone who loves short, fast, self-contained, good stories. These tie-ins are fast becoming my favourite X-title thanks to their diverse cast of characters and diverse-er creative crews!

Dark Wolverine #83

Seige! Killing Osbourne! Achieving his destiny as a villain! I think all of these things are in this issue, plus a bisexual sociopath. Who needs okcupid when this title exists???

Wonder Woman #41

Part Two of the Crows storyline finds Wonder Woman fighting Power Girl and every sane person in the world buying this book. Punching, cleavage, and knocking down buildings. The only thing that could make it more perfect is if it were written by Gail Simone. Oh, wait!

Gotham City Sirens #9

The Riddler's back this week, making this issue the most "Questioning" title in all of comic-dom. Are any of these characters still queer?

JSA #36

Obsidian's name was in this week's solicits, meaning that Bill hasn't forgotten about him, and hopefully meaning that we'll get some rescuing action ASAP! But I think Obby is still an egg, atm...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scarlet Betch Episode 17: "Even Her Thoughts Are TRANSPARENT!"

Scarlet Betch is back at it again. Jason and Anthony dish about the latest in queer comic book news. Uncanny X-men and its "invisible" strippers, the newest DC animated feature, Blackest Night shenanigans and much much more!

Featured music for this week is "Travelin' Shoes" by Winnipeg folk band, The Duhks

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SuperQueeros! for February 17th

Here are the queer-inclusive titles for February 17th! Unless I missed any! In which case please notify me in the comments and I will edit them in, giving credit where credit is due!

Authority: The Lost Year #6

Even though Apollo and Midnighter have been written out of the Authority continuing series (just like all the other Wildstorm queers) they're still alive and kicking in this limited run! Get 'em while they're cannon, because in a comic company without room for insecure, exotic, bisexual girls, what chance do we have of ever seeing the comic world's premiere gay super-couple again? #bitter

Dark Avengers #14

The Sentry is getting his reckoning! Yes, the Dark Avengers are collapsing in on themselves, and their self-destruction is going to be the catalyst to providing us answers about the Sentry. No word yet on Daken's role in this issue, but the hetero is DEF representin' as Moonstone spends this issue rutting her way through the team roster. I would be disgusted if I weren't so jealous.

Finally, because every gay geek wanted to be Kitty Pryde at some point growing up - Ultimate Colossus is simply a wish fulfilled - consider picking up a copy of Uncanny X-Men #521. Because if you're wondering what Magneto is doing on the North Pole, in a deep trance, using his magnetism powers on "Full Blast", I would just like to remind you that giant space bullets are not made out of dreams. (Though comics are. #homecoming)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lady GaGa Auditions for Guest Spot on Doctor Who

Lady GaGa, the increasingly unflappable pop star, appeared on the red carpet at the Brit Awards in an ensemble that can only be described as Fantabulax Prime --since that's the planet she evidently has come from. Part costume, part runway, part Dadaist performance art installation, Lady GaGa floored attendants and paparazzi with her unique fashion sense. The only way my mind can understand the outfit is that she must be sending out good juju and hoping Russel T. Davies sees her and books her for a Dr. Who gig. It's what all the pop stars are doing, now... right, Kylie?

She even has a cyber-woman behind her!

This is also how I imagine Martha Johanson's cyborg body would look.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scarlet Betch Episode 16: "We'll Call You, Don't Call Us"

We're back with more Scarlet Betch. In this issue Jason and Anthony deliberate on Pixie's new x-book, Wonder Star Sapphire, Super Buffy, Batgirl, and much much more!

Featured music for this week is "Dog Days are Over" by Florence + the Machine.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Newest Covergirl

The votes are in, and the winner of the newest Scarlet Betch banner cover girl award goes to...


You'll be able to spot her in the banner with the other rotating betches. Thanks for participating guys!


You'll Rue The Day You Messed With Doesn't-Fit-Into-A-Babydoll-Woman!

I like costume parties but hate cosplay. What box do I check off for that? "What's the difference?" I hear you asking, because the medications I take don't help with the voices. It all boils down to activities, really. One involves the prospect of drinking, dancing, a bad movie, and perhaps, if you're lucky, embarrassing photos of your friends that cost them their jobs. The other involves alternating your time between sitting in a conference room and lurking about the vendors tables debating whether it's really worth going without lunch for a week to buy a 9th Doctor action figure (protip: The answer is always NO). This is not to suggest that I hate cosplayers. Nay, much of the enjoyment I derive from comic conventions is the parade of fortunately-figured women (and men, not gonna lie) clad in corsets and domino masks. Someone's gotta do it, and it's not going to be me. I don't have the body type to cosplay. At 6' and 250 pounds, I am about a foot taller and 200 pounds heavier than most female tagonists, both pro and an. The emphasis and value placed on "authenticity" and "realistic representation" doesn't leave much room for original concepts. Ultimately, that is what has won me over about costume parties. No points are deducted for just showing up in a cape and a helmet fashioned from a toaster, although your roommate is going to be pissed when he wakes up the next day and wants to make a bagel.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SuperQueeros! for February 10th

Here's your queer-inclusive comics for the week of February 10th, 2010! Let me know if I've missed anyone!

Dark X-Men #4
While the Dark Reign of the Marvel U collapses under the SEIGE of Norse gods, make sure you check out what Mystique has been up to during its final days! Now that Nate is in the body of Osbourne, who will stay loyal to the tyrant-turned-shaman? Who will turn tail and escape? And will the Dark X-Men finally unite and put the smack down on the force of benevolence known as X-Man? This title is rocking, so get on for the ride of your life!

POST-READING IT EDIT: OMG, I did not even see that guy COMING! Matt Fraction has mastered the cliff-hanger-character-reveal!

New Mutants #10
Now that we know why Illyana is here, and that the apocalypse she foretold is upon us, what will go down? And how will Dani's Hela-based "Valkyrie" powers play into this story and the up-coming SEIGE tie-in? And will Karma continue to kick @$$ now that the cast has expanded to an unwieldy eight twenty-somethings? Whatever the answers are, let's just hope Doug doesn't use his soul-speak anymore: he's become an omega-level Mary Sue, imo.

POST-READING IT EDIT: Oh Zeb Wells, you have some sexy, sexy concepts in that head of yours. New Mutants is now the American Idol of the X-Books! (In a good way!)

Batman and Robin #8
BACK STORY TIME! Thank god, because last issue was WAAAAY too confusing, especially the Batwoman parts! Stay tuned to this issue for the origin of Batwoman-in-a-Box and some massive bat-beatdown as Batwoman's memories return to her and the resurrected "Batman" corpse goes postal on our bereaved heroes!

Secret Six #18
This marks the end of the three issues of Secret Six/Suicide Squad/Blackest Night crossover. Keep your fingers crossed for Catman to lose his shirt and try to hold in your squees when you read the EPIC Amanda Waller/Vandal Savage team up!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Choose The Newest Scarlet Betch!

Choose our newest Scarlet Betch Banner Diva! There will be more of these in the future, but we want you to tell us who you think should be enshrined in our glorious banner.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Insane in the Mainframe

Mental illness is a fucking time sink, yo. One day you're wondering whether you'd rather be eaten by a grue or crushed to death by a building-sized tetris piece, and before you know it two weeks have passed, your friends are asking where the hell you've been and all your Pokemon have names like “ThereIsNoGod” and “EndInTears”. On a scale of 1 to Ted Kaczynski, I'm a solid Wilford Brimley.

Pity me not, my lovelies, for while I was on holiday at Insanity Island, I had some time to pursue a creative venture. My best gay and I are working on a sprite comic (a webcomic consisting of photoshopped screenshots of video games with juxtaposed dialog and scenarios, ala 8 Bit Theater), and after much IKEA chocolate and Street Fighter II, we have a week's worth of scripts being rendered and edited.

Video games are a frequent topic of discussion in my therapy sessions. It's one of the few hobbies/pasttimes/addictions that I have absolutely no hard feelings or bad memories associated with. My dad never made me play Excitebike against my will, and while coming out as trans drastically altered the relationships I have with my friends and siblings, it hasn't affected our ability to get five stars on Rush's “The Trees”. I don't equate video games with any sort of loss, except perhaps that one time I made it to the finals of a Smash Brothers tournament but lost because the other three players were friends and ganged up on me (this is why you need items in tournaments, lame-os). I try to put my love of video games to use in my art and writing, and if the day ever comes for me to date again, I want someone who can appreciate my love of classic games with me, or who won't bitch about me to her friends when about my gaming while I'm in earshot.

Superqueeros! for February 3rd, 2010

What comics are coming out on February 3rd that feature queer characters? We've got your run down right here!

This week's list is on the short side, but every book is top-notch!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #32
The subtitle to this issue should be "Buffy Tests Superman Cliches". Something has super-powered our favorite erstwhile cheerleader and she spends the first bit of this issue testing the limits of her new powers. Now, I'm sure whatever pumped her up is horrifying, inhuman, and at the cost of Slayers' lives, but right now she can (guiltlessly) jump over pagodas! Awesome-sauce! Plus, this is the beginning of the end of Buffy season eight! It's the first issue of the penultimate chapter (the last good jumping on point!), and we're finally gonna find out who Twilight is (if we avoided the internet spoilers). I'm excited, Willow's re-powered, and this train ain't stopping for no man, queer, or super-charged Slayer!

The Question #37
I love Renee Montoya as the Question, but evidently everybody on comixology loves Vic Sage a million times more. Coincidentally, "a million" is about how many people are pulling this Blackest Night tie-in that pits zombie-Sage against Montoya. The only title pulled more this week is Marvel's Ultimate X (can the strong guy on this team PLEASE be a grey version of Wuvable Oaf?), so if your comic store is out of it, scour the streets of your city or sell your first born, but whatever you do, don't miss out on the premiere gay/zombie crossover of the year!

House of Mystery #22
This title has promised to feature the only openly gay goblin super-warrior by the end of this year, so jump on while he's still a lovable, bumbling goof! Plus, the main character, Fig, has just found out that she has a cruel, sadistic brother, hell bent on becoming her new best friend. Hilarity, violence, and cute stories-with-in-a-story are bound to unfold; be there when it happens!

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 (of 3)
And finally, my most anticipated title of the month, Star Sapphire Wonder Woman! Officially, I have nothing else to say beyond "AWESOME". This concept is just too amazing to go wrong! Unofficially, here's some advice: If you don't understand what all the astonishment is about, learn yourself some knowledge: