Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SuperQueeros! for June 27th, 2012

Justice League Dark #10
So the cover of this issue shows five characters: Zatanna, Black Orchid, Deadman, Andrew Bennet, and Constantine. Together that's about 1.5 characters that I'm interested in (or CTIII. Also, is Constantine bi in the DCnU???). But the solicit says that Madame X(anadu) is still on the team, which would bump the CTIII up to around a 3.5. PLUS, their new HQ is House of Mystery. Not sure how that's going to play out, but HoM is one of my favs, so I'm 150% going to look at this book. #proveyourself

Teen Titans #10
Secrets 'n' stuff! Maybe we'll get to see what's happened to Skitter! Bunker stands up to Robin! Solstice gets some screen time! Speaking of Solstice, when is she getting her light powers back? But I am loving that they're staying with the costumes from The Culling! So cool!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

SuperQueeros! for June 20th, 2012

Have you ever COMPLETELY forgotten about what day it was on the most IMPORTANT day of the year? YEah, me too. In my defense, the finales of Girls and The Legend of Korra and the release of Pokemon Conquest and the premiere of Warehouse 13 have had my head in a TIZZY,   but honestly there's no excuse for forgetting about...
MAWWAGE. Yes, Northstar ties the know in what is the COMIC OF THE YEAR. What's that AvX? You think you stand a chance? Only if Scott dies, Jean comes back to life, Emma starts leading Utopia, and Xavin comes back from space and Northstar has to get REMARRIED because Xavin missed the first one. Oh, and Kyle has to get his own Kevin Keller-esque spin-off title. BUY THIS BOOK <3.

Batwoman #10
Penultimate chapter and lots of Killer Croc! This version of the Croc TERRIFIES me. Also, I hope Batwoman's new flirtation K.O.s her current relationship. Batman's most interesting relationship is with Catwoman, not Commissioner Gordon. QED, ditch the cop and pash the criminal, Kate!

Wonder Woman #10
Can Diana be saved from being Hell's wife????

Avengers Academy #32
The X-men come for Justin's Sentinel. Is this story logical? Yes. But is it going to be interesting?

Hellblazer #292
There's a werewolf on the cover!!! I might buy this...

X-Factor #238
Banshee gets framed!

True Blood #2
Think the Lafayette Rule applies to the comic too? (Lafayette Rule: A storyline RULES if and only if Lafayette features in it.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SuperQueeros! for June 13th, 2012

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9: Freefall #10
I only buy these guys once every two months, and I'm due for a double issue this week, so I'm not really sure how we got to this point, but it's Buffy vs. Buffy! Yes, thanks to Andrew's meddling, Buffy's brain is in a one-armed Buffybot and, thanks to Simone's meddling, Buffy's body got pink highlights and wants to kick her brain's butt! This issue: Andrewe tries to help some more! (Also, Xander and Dawn are the only things in between San Fran and the steadily evolving Zompires!)

Kevin Keller #3
Beach day! Plus Jason and Cheryl Blossom show up to mix it up with the new kid! I can't wait to read this issue so that I'll have something to base my Jason/Kevin fanfic around! EDIT: Jason wasn't in this issue! I guess I'll just have to write the next best 'ship: Wendy/Sloan!

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1
It looks like both Silk Spectres will feature prominently in this tale. Hopefully they'll still have room for the 'queeros! EDIT: They didn't have room...

Ultimate Comics X-Men #13
It's back to NYC for Kitty Pryde's transformation from homeless youth to fugitive! (Colossus probably won't be in this issue. But you never know!) Edit: Now we know: there's no C-boy. But Kitty is bad-as this issue!

Superboy #10
Bunker guest stars, along with a lot of the other Teen Titans! And the solicit says  this: "Don't miss SUPERBOY and WONDER GIRL in an ancient world - with no adult supervision!" That is... the opening line to an underage pr0n scene. #ugh #gross

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scarlet Betch Episode 66

Hey Betches!

We're back with another great episode. This week we discuss the two big queer comic news points this month that everyone seems to be talking about: Northstar's impending nuptials and the newly queen Alan Scott aka the original Green Lantern!

Let us know what you think! Plus, any comics you think we missed in our coverage let us know! Send us a tweet @ScarletBetch or by email at

Sunday, June 3, 2012

SuperQueeros for June 6th, 2012

After last week's queer-desert we deserve this oasis! Earth 2, Avengers Academy, Stormwatch, X-Factor: Queer character troves, old and new! PLUS, Valiant is relaunching Harbinger again! This is the Valiant version of the X-men, and in addition to being my fav title from the Valiant line (XO Manowar lost my attention after the protagonist put on clothes) it's also got a history of subverting comic book traditions. Fingers crossed that we'll get a queer-mo in the relaunch! But until then...


OH MY GOSH THE LAST SUPURBIA CAME OUT TOO!!!!!!!! ARGH SO MANY GOOD COMICS TODAY! (Sorry, but the tags are gonna SUCK for this entry!)

Earth 2 #2
I am very excited for this origin issue! First Earth 2 Flash is empowered by the Greek Gods (much better than the speed force), now a gay Alan Scott is going to get magical flame powers (and does his armor look a little Parallax-y to you?), and have you even SEEN the new Hawkgirl?? The Earth 2 Trinity is all about empowering minorities (and Judd Apatow's version of Jay Garrick. [I understand that "diversity" encompasses EVERYBODY, but... SIGH.])! I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but... this series looks so good!! 

Avengers Academy #31
So... I really like this book, and this story in particular. I've missed Surge something FIERCE and now she gets to duke it out with Striker for a couple of issues? That alone is so awesome that I think AvX needs to be a continuing series starring the cast of this crossover! (Also, because Dr. Kavita Rao standing next to Tigress is the EPITOME of unwitting self-parody of the comics industry.)

Stormwatch #10
Harry Tanner is back! His story thread is kick-as: the Prince of Lies is an excellent nemesis for the historically over-powered Stormwatch crew and I can't wait for the Projectionist to screw him over!  So far we've established that Stormwatch and Harry are in a race against each other to find all these powerful hallows artifacts, but we haven't seen one yet... Maybe this is the month we do!

X-Factor #237
Banshee, Wolfsbane, and Polaris take a road trip so that Rhane will stop flagellating herself over birthing a demon-god. Maybe Rictor and Shatterstar will be able to have a date night while they're out! Yeah, I realize that's only going to happen if their dinner is interrupted by a slathering wolf-bear king, but I can dream, right?

i, Zombie #26
I picked up the last issue because it seemed like a good jumping on point, and now I'm just waiting for the half-price sale so I can buy the whole series! Spot's crush on a gay guy who houses a (straight) vigilante ghost is so perfectly angst-generating that I have to read its genesis! AND it's great for bringing up the "Two-Spirit" part of the LGBTQIAT-SAetc soup! Also they're gonna fight an elder god soon so... Bonus Points for Cthulhus!

Hack/Slash #16
Speaking of self-parody, have you seen the cover of this issue? It's like... WHAT? Who green-lit this idea??????