Thursday, June 21, 2012

SuperQueeros! for June 20th, 2012

Have you ever COMPLETELY forgotten about what day it was on the most IMPORTANT day of the year? YEah, me too. In my defense, the finales of Girls and The Legend of Korra and the release of Pokemon Conquest and the premiere of Warehouse 13 have had my head in a TIZZY,   but honestly there's no excuse for forgetting about...
MAWWAGE. Yes, Northstar ties the know in what is the COMIC OF THE YEAR. What's that AvX? You think you stand a chance? Only if Scott dies, Jean comes back to life, Emma starts leading Utopia, and Xavin comes back from space and Northstar has to get REMARRIED because Xavin missed the first one. Oh, and Kyle has to get his own Kevin Keller-esque spin-off title. BUY THIS BOOK <3.

Batwoman #10
Penultimate chapter and lots of Killer Croc! This version of the Croc TERRIFIES me. Also, I hope Batwoman's new flirtation K.O.s her current relationship. Batman's most interesting relationship is with Catwoman, not Commissioner Gordon. QED, ditch the cop and pash the criminal, Kate!

Wonder Woman #10
Can Diana be saved from being Hell's wife????

Avengers Academy #32
The X-men come for Justin's Sentinel. Is this story logical? Yes. But is it going to be interesting?

Hellblazer #292
There's a werewolf on the cover!!! I might buy this...

X-Factor #238
Banshee gets framed!

True Blood #2
Think the Lafayette Rule applies to the comic too? (Lafayette Rule: A storyline RULES if and only if Lafayette features in it.)

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