Wednesday, December 27, 2017

SuperQueeros! for December 27, 2017

Burnouts, Gen X-ers, and dropouts abound in this week's... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Justice League of America #21
The Ray quits the team to go protect his home again. What happens when he learns that someone else is in charge of protecting the town, and an ancient evil has taken up residence?

X-Men Blue #18
Iceman, Bloodstorm, and the rest of Blue team are up against the original Generation X! Can they survive the experience?

Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #2
Shana is temped to cheat on her fashion final exam, and then the band goes out for a karaoke showdown!

Lumberjanes #45
The crew goes on the hunt for a Jackalope!

Black Panther #168
Monsters, monsters everywhere! Klaw has unleashed monsters on BP and Wakanda. Can T'Challa save his home on his own?

Teen Titans #15
You knew it was coming! The Titans take on the Super Sons!

Batgirl #18
Harley comes to town, not with presents, but with a special virus for Babs' company!

Suicide Squad #32
Someone on Harley's team will have to sacrifice himself or herself in order to defeat Red Wave. I hope it's Rick Flag.

Transformers: Lost Light #12
The Mutineers ends here! Who will survive?

Steven Universe #11
Witness the Gems' attempts at cooking!

Wonder Woman #37
Diana must decide if she will save lives or defeat Darkseid once and for all!

Hellblazer #17
What is it about San Francisco that puts a smile on your face, even when all your friends are being murdered?

Riverdale #9
Jughead and Archie go head to head for a new truck!

Life with Kevin Volume #1
I don't usually cover trade paperbacks, but Life with Kevin was released digital only, so if you want to get your hands on a physical copy, now you can!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

SuperQueeros! for December 20, 2017

It's the most Wonder( Woman)ful time of the year! Plus, America, Batwoman, and Gen X are showing up to save the day! 

America #10
America's allies have rallied behind her, but Chavez herself is out of the game! Will she recover in time to save her friends from the revving revenge of Exterminatrix, or is this the end of more than just the storyline?

Batwoman #10
Now that she's a giant crazy Woman-Bat, Kate can finally put the smack down on Scarecrow and the Many Arms of Death!

Generation X #85
It's Jono, Husk, and Jubilee versus the St. Croix amalgam! But with Shogo, Eye Boy, Mercury, and Bling! in the mix, do the O.G. Gen X have more weaknesses to exploit than strengths to use against Monet? And now that Hindsight has confessed his feelings and fears to Morph, do our budding boyfriends stand a chance at getting together, or will they have one of those classic Rogue/Gambit "friendships"?

Harley Quinn #33
In the aftermath of Mason's death and his mother's bloody revenge, it's time for Harley and her crew to mourn their loss and collect their thoughts. So who is it that's suddenly moving into the neighborhood?

Wonder Woman Corner:
Diana petitions to get her sword released from evidence in Justice League #35, but will she be fingered by an overzealous cop? In a New Year's special, Diana and the rest of the Trinity #16 join forces to save Deadshot, while in Dark Nights Metal #4 Wonder Woman is fighting for her life against the Seven Deadly Sins. Speaking of fighting for their life Wonder Woman and Conan #4 finds the eponymous duo escaping the Crovidae and remembering that they want each other dead! Meanwhile, in Injustice 2 #16, Diana's fate is decided!