Monday, October 31, 2011

SuperQueeros! for November 2nd, 2011

This week is the Hack/Slashiest! First, issue #9 from last week is actually shipping this week (Sorry Hack/Slashers!), and then there's issue 4 of a Hack/Slash crossover event with "Eva" (don't ask me). And for the friends of Dorothy there's a relevant reimagining and the third issue of the new Stormwatch comic! Good times!

(EDIT: Breaking news! Karma IS in New Mutants #33!!!! So pick it up!)
(EDIT 2: Also, there's a new True Blood comic that's already on issue #3?! And has a basically-NSFW- cover?! [it's not actually NSFW, unless you think Greg Land is NSFW] This week is SUPER queero!)

Hack/Slash/Eva #4
It's the last issue of the miniseries that pairs a nubile slasher-killing girl and her muscle-bound monster-man back-up with a time-displaced nubile monster-killing girl and her muscle-bound monster-man back-up! Find out if either of these final-girl leading ladies survives the greatest crossover since you looked in the mirror this morning, only at your local comic book store! (Note that for all my snide remarks this could actually be a good book: I haven't read it. But rest assured, this ain't no "Gert and Nico Raze the Patriarchy" so temper your expectations)

Stormwatch #3
What I gather from the solicit is that this issue has Apollo and Midnighter getting smashed and bashed while kicking the collective butt of the monster troops sent to invade Earth by a sentient Darwin-inspired, Apocalypse-esque Moon demon. But will they fall in love?????? #squee #buyit

Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #1

What's the land of Oz without the yellow brick road? Well, it's a lot more like the wilds of Kansas! And if there's anyone who knows the Kansas back country like the back of her hand, it's Dorothy Gale, cowgirl.

Monday, October 24, 2011

SuperQueeros! for October 26th, 2011

Have I ever mentioned how much I love making fictional characters bi? It opens them up for all sorts of storylines, so that they're not locked into being "the only gay in the village" and allows authors explore queer storylines with well-loved characters without changing canon. We've got a lot of ambi- boys and girls this week, and one awesome alien lesbian:

Daken: Dark Wolverine #16
Now that we know who the Claws Killer is and that he's got Donna Kiel we... well, we basically have a classic cliche: hero must save helpless blonde from maniacal homo. I mean sure, this maniacal homo is the ex of our hero, and all three of them are despicable killers, so we're not watching Steve Rogers punch Hitler or anything quite that well-tread, but this is a disappointing return to more archetypal comic book stories for Wolverine's son. Hopefully Karolina Dean and the Runaways will be able to set this situation queer! (Edit: I thought the Runaways were gonna show up at the end but... they didn't! But we WILL see them next issue!)

Hack/Slash #9
Bomb Queen (evil, hates clothes, loves implants), Dr. Weir (presumably also evil, but I've never heard of her. Her views on clothes and implants seem to be the same as Bomb Queen's), and April Fool (might actually like clothes) break out of inter-dimensional prison and attack NYC. Only Cassie Hack stands in their way, and it ain't lookin' like she's rockin' any full body armor this issue either. Oh, and she has to ask for help from Samhein. So... this is going to be one of those "empowering" comics, I guess. #bored

Justice League Dark #2
Madame Xanadu continues to assemble her motley crew to battle the insane Enchantress. Fingers crossed for more John this week!

Monday, October 17, 2011

SuperQueeros! for October 19th, 2011

Hellblazer #284
Posting this one first for obvo reasons. I love the conceit that Constantine is naked without his signature trenchcoat, and that the covers make the metaphor literal. It's totes filled with lols. Anyway, this issue continues the Gemma-has-Constantine's-coat story, but it turns out that I was very wrong about Gemma being his neice. That's some other wayward waif. And she's also in this issue. So it's brimming with awesome. #thingsIamsobuying

X-Factor #226
SOMEONE DIES!!!! For weeks we've been teased that one of the team kicks the bucket, and judging by the cover (I can't remember... that's what you ARE supposed to do, right?) it's gonna happen this month! My bet is on soul-less Guido or conundrum-wrapped-in-an-enigma Layla. Actually if it's Madrox there's the whole it-was-a-dupe dupe... And if it's 'Star there's the whole clone-thing that could bring him back... Banshee would just be funny in a sadistic way... Okay, I literally have no idea who's on their way out, because they all make SUCH GOOD VICTIMS (and are on the Regenesis cover). Oh, I guess it could be Pip too. #screwyoupip

Wonder Woman #2
Discord makes her entrance! I love that this comic is like spoiled-rich-kids-fighting (e.g., the CW), but with superpowers and mutilation (e.g., Spike)! #buyit!

Herc #9
Enter Elektra! This is a Greek mash-up of epic proportions!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SuperQueeros! for October 12th, 2011

Deluge! Five awesome titles this week!! I literally cannot believe how awesome your reading is going to be tomorrow!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2
Now that introductions are out of the way, Whedon starts in on the first arc. Buffy's gonna be a sorta private dick, a la Batman, and her buds are gonna be... chillin'? Schemin'? It's a little unclear from the solicit, but whatever it is I bet it won't last long!

Batwoman #2
Romance heating up (but not with Renee!!!!!), villains still at large (both Alice and this water witch) - this is the material mythologies are made of! Hop onto 2011's hottest comic before it leaves you behind! #whyisntDCpayingme?

Alpha Flight #5
Alpha Flight is facing of against the brain-washed dark dopplegangers! This is my favourite type of story, and with Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday I think we can all thank the Canada for giving us such bad-as superheroes duking it out north of the border!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #15
We find out who the Claws Killer is! Wouldn't it be weird if it were Moon Knight all along? Or that blonde detective girl!!! She is super obsessed with Daken, and he sorta needs an arch-nemesis who's NOT related to him or involved in his rearing... #onewaytofindout

Veronica #209 (Veronica Presents Kevin Keller #3)
...And finally the next chapter in the Kevin Keller epic sees Kevin dealing with his stage fright. A queer who doesn't like to be on stage?! What the hoo-hey Dan Parent?!!!?! #smashingstereotypes

Monday, October 3, 2011

Superqueeros! for October 5th, 2011

Just one new comic with superqueeros this week, but you can buy it online, so your carbon footprint need get no wider!

Stormwatch #2
Apollo and Midnighter are teaming up on a super-date! At least I hope they are. Of course, given that Paul Cornell (famed scribe of many genres and this book) was slated to pen scripts for a never-realized Queer As Folk spin-off (see his Wikipedia page), that hope may be close to realization! Plus this issue promises Martian Manhunter back story and the moon, newly sentient and homicidal, starts transforming into Unicron! a trans-morphic, planet-destroying super-entity! Unicron!