Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SuperQueeros! for April 25th, 2012

I'm giving two shout-outs to non-queero titles this week because the first book in this list has me SO ECSTATICALLY HAPPY!

Astonishing X-Men #49
X-Men fighting Mauraders, check. Connections to a character's shady past, check. Damsel in distress, che- Wait a minute! It's not a damsel, it's Kyle Northstar's-fan-favorite-boyfriend who's in trouble! And the charcater with the shady connection to the Mauraders is, for once, not Gambit! (Even though he is also in this title!!!) It's all Northstar, all the time in Marjorie Liu's newest homerun series and, if you've seen the solicit for issue #51, you can guess that that spotlight is not going to abate until we've got a happy ending for Marvel's first and foremost gay X-couple!

Justice League Dark #8 / I, Vampire #8
It's the end of the crossover! John's going back into Hell (remember, he was just there in his eponymous other-line title?) to get the vampire cavalry while Xanadu makes a deal with the powers that be and Shade and Zatanna struggle to survive the vampire hordes! To subdue this uprising, however, our characters are going to have to "change the face of sorcery forever!" Fingers crossed that that means getting Constantine a boyfriend again!

New Avengers #25
The Iron Fist finds out his magic kung fu can host the Phoenix Force! Or something. Will Victoria be in this issue now that she's a good guy again?????

Teen Titans #8
Now that they saved Superboy, it's time to save Wonder Girl! I love that they have rainbow Tron costumes!!!!

SHOUT OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Archie Marries Valerie, Part 2!!! I've read those Life with Archie titles and trust me, Val's the best choice, Archie! (Besides Jugghead, of course)
Warlords of Mars! No reason and definitely not solely because of the cover! NOPE! Not because of that!

Monday, April 16, 2012

SuperQueeros! for April 18th, 2012

Just a quick write up this week, but did you guys read Ultimate X-Men??? OMFGaga, THAT SH!T WAS CRAY!

Wonder Woman #8
Wondy's gotten tricked out by her new siblings and she raiding Hell! This title may not get as crazy as Ultimate X-men did last week, but if you want your socks blown off from sheer awesome-ness, this is the title to buy this week!

X-Factor #234

There are twelve cast members on this book. TWELVE. And they all manage to get solid airtime almost every issue! Now it looks like David is adding two more characters to the book, one of whom seems, from next month's solicits, to have a connection to 'Star and Longshot. Interesting...

Hellblazer #290
Just gonna quote the solicit. Whoever writes John's solicits is amazing: "Lost souls, sentimental psychopaths, and a plan to mess up an old enemy."

Justice League #8
1. New Green Arrow looks hot. 2. Wondy is queer enough for this title to count, right? Please flame my inbox with your opinion!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SuperQueeros! for April 11th, 2012

This week is... 100% awesome titles! #nerdgasm

Ultimate Comics X-Men #10
Storm is breaking out of her concentration camp, which means she's saving Peter from being tortured by flatscans, which means finding out what's up with Ultimate Northstar???? I'm so glad the Ultimate X-Men are back... :D

Batwoman #8
Have you seen the roster of baddies KK is fighting this arc??? Crazy awesome!!! The mythology of this series is so rich and free-standing. That living hook? CRAY. Blood Mary? CRAAAAAY. And the new Croc? Pretty norma- CRAZY!

Kevin Keller #2
PROM! The other KK of comics is planning his high school's prom, which raises the question, who will date-changed Kevin take??? Evidently he has a secret admirer! #squee

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 Freefall #8
So... I don't know if I read issue #7? It's very confusing because it's the only title I follow that isn't digital yet. Evidently B's been vamped? And Andrew will be in this issue! Is he canon-gay yet? This is very confusing for me... #butiwillbuyiteventually #godigital!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SuperQueeros! for April 4th, 2012

Only three comics this week, but all of them SO GOOD:

Supurbia #2
With Night Fox's queer indiscretions coming to light, this series earns itself a place in the hallowed ranks of superqueero comics. With the amazingness of the art, story, and writing themselves, it's earned itself a place forever in my heart. This book rocks. #buyit and see why the wives of superheroes are the new super-team burning up the sales racks!!

Avengers Academy #28
The second (and final) crossover issue with the Runaways! With the Runaways thinking Pym is out to institutionalize them, barely staying civil with the Academy students, and currently stuck in the mystical dino-dimension from which Reptil's powers come this issue is sure to take this storyline out with a roar!

Stormwatch #8
The battle with the gravity miners wraps up, as does Paul Jenkins' run. I'm interested to see how he closes up his run, given that Jenkins has shepherded us through a tumultuous beginning that set up quite a few long-term plot threads. Hopefully none of the hanging threads gets tied up when the gravity miners just, say, kill the Prince of Lies or something equally as deus ex blackhole.