Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SuperQueeros! for August 28th, 2013

It's a mixed bag this week, but we DEFINITELY get the continuation of last month's SHOCKING Young Avengers! Plus Astonishing X-men and many more... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Young Avengers #9
The solicit for this issue reads:
We wanted to just write "Screaming! Screaming! Screaming!" for this solicit, but we're told we need boring old facts. :(
...and truer words were never spoken! Well, aside from the dumb facts bit. I have been SCREAMING SCREAMING SCREAMING for the past month over Prodigy's kiss stealing, and I'm going to be SCREAMING SCREAMING SCREAMING over to this book this month to see just WHY Hulkling looks so mopey!

Astonishing X-men #66
The coolest cover EVER. Stuff happens as this AMAZING series winds to its close! D:

Avengers Arena #13
So, we know Molly and Ant-man are trying to find there way into this book (bringing along girlfriends Julie Power and Karolina Dean) and it seems like a lot of these dead characters are coming back in one form or another (Mettle is now a Doombot, basically), so the body count of this book looks like it might be topping out. But who knows! Maybe they'll kill your fav in the final scene!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lunar Ellipse ΩΩΩ Teen Wolf S03E12

And here we finally are! Four days after we all watched the episode (well, those of us with season passes on iTunes who were quick enough to snatch it up when the download posted early [and the people who downloaded it from them]), we can finally talk about it! So let's reminisce:

SuperQueeros! for August 21st, 2013

Try as I might, I could only locate three queer titles this week for... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Batwoman #23
She made a deal with the devil - or at least a skeleton and his hot right-hand woman - and now Kate has to clean up the mess she helped to pull down on everyone's favorite crazy-town, Gotham!

X-men #4
With Primer done, we now get vampire teen mum shenanigans! But what about Bling!'s big secret???

Wonder Woman #23
Diana returns to England to save it from the First Born's reign of violence!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SuperQueeros! for August 14th, 2013

It's the last issue of Demon Knights! Be sure to check out how it all ends when you pick up the latest issue of Supurbia, Batgirl, Fearless Defenders, and 4 other comics featuring your favorite... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Supurbia #10
With Sovereign out of commission and Eve cowed by guilt, the team has lost it's heart and it's... bazooka? Anyway, they're going to have to pull together when they split up to rescue the kidnapped Zari and the captured Agent Twilight! And what can Hella do now that she's trapped back in her ex-boyfriend's clutches? #kickbutt

Alpha Pact œ Teen Wolf S03E11

It's the second-to-last episode and the final parent is falling into place: this episode is all about Blue Eyes falling into the Darach's clutches and Scott having to live with his choice of defecting from his own pack to the Alpha Pac(t)! Also, all your 'shipping dreams come true!!!! (ish.)
Finally! Though Sterek might want to choose somewhere softer than an elevator... 
Or not. ;-P

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Overlooked ππ Teen Wolf S03E10

So the preview is basically entirely the contents of the last episode, which effectively means we're about to get a Part II.

Woah! And they jump right into the action! There's a Nor'easter attacking the hospital, and its effects are killer this ep! Also an unbelievable special effect, Peter is caring for his neice! Doctor Mom gets a cute scene where she reacts to her almost-murderer not being dead liek he used to be.

And speaking of unbelievable, Jenny-rach shows up at chez Hale to try and turn Derek against his pack! Aw, and Stiles is all cute, sad tears about Officer Dad! Anyway, we continue the special effects trend with some bullet speed mistletoe dust that reveals Jenny-rach's real form. Der-der gets to make his third expression in the entire history of the show: ew-gross-I-just-kissed-The-Master!
But srsly. Ew.

Der's about to T.K.O. his ladyfriend, so she gasps out a bargain: she'll save Cora's life if the teen wolves let her keep her own. Of course, Cora was Jenny-rachs insurance policy: the girl is suffering from some mad misletoe-sis. 
Evil Head-cock of EVIL!

On the way to the hospital, Jenny-rach is all, "Der-bear, I'm still a Scoob, even though I murdered ppl and stuff!" In Stiles' jeep, S&S discuss how Jen-jen is definitely, completely playing them like a fiddle. At l'hôpital, Doctor Mom introduces our time limit: in 30 minutes until the van comes to evacuate Cora. Peter completes our merry band when he reveals the obstacle that will test our team's timeliness: the Alpha twin(k)s!

While the t'wolves take on the twin(k)s ("Ethan! Aiden! I know you're in there! You have to stop!" - Scott McCall, completely not grasping the difference between an actor and his mutant-conjoined-twins-body character), Jen-rach makes a dash for it. She's cut off by Cali and Deucalion, and she only escapes by air-bending Cali out of her elevator to safety.
Avatar Aang, y'all!

Back at school (the perfect place to not-evacuate post-murder recital!) Allisaac blah-blah about how Lydia isn't in this episode and that they have to get to the hospital set because that's where all the camera's are. Blue Eyes walks up and invites himself along. #RUDE

Doctor Mom is bored waiting for her storyline to start, so she decides to do her usual sleuth-ery and finds a pointy cane! It's attached to a blind evil guy who knows her name! But what could it MEAN????

The twin(k)s, separated after getting hit with a lamp ('lectricity! Also, Shirtless Boy Count is at 3.) reveal that Jen-rach and the Alphas are racing against time to murder-tize each other. Speaking of, Jenny catches back up to the boys and is all, "LAWL, soz, wanna protect me again?" Doctor Mom comes on the intercom to announce that she has 10 more minutes left to live and Jen-rach is all, "The laffs keep coming! What a Blufferstein! Blah blah True Alpha blah."

Peter eats a Roc's Feather and he and TrAlpha distract the twin(k)s while the rest of the crew makes a run for it. Derek and Jen-rach stash Stiles and Cora in an ambulance, but then get chased into ANOTHER elevator by Cali.
Shoulda worn shoes, grrl.

Then Deuc cuts all the power... and sets Doctor Mom free. Into a dark hospital full of murderous, adrenaline-feuled werewolves. 

Then the writers try to tell us that Stiles and Cora would be an interesting couple and Cora is like, "I'd rather be dead!" #agreed Stiles does a cute monologue and then realizes that the water in the cup is shaking and that the T-rex is loose.
Ducking is for suckas

Fenneck Werewolf, or
Fennecks Better on the Floor

Scott drops Peter off at the Stiles' Truck for Useless Werewolves, then goes and gets strangled by the twin(k)s until...
he's saved by Doctor Mom! Woooo! ("If a defibrillator is introduced in the first act..." - Anton YourMomkov)

Back in the elevator, Jen-rach pulls an awesome and, instead of trying to last-night-on-Earth Derek, she decides to mind-eff him and talk about which face is her real face! Creepy! #ItsTheCowlBruce

Cutting between the elevator and Deuc and Cali in the morgue we find out that Jen-rach was Cali's emissary(/girlfriend?) who she almost-but-not-quite murdered so she could join Ennis in murder-pack. (Good priorities, Cal. Mark Saling look-a-like >> friends and family) Anyway, Jen-rach says that she owes Derek big time because his murdering of his gf Paige on the roots of the magic druid tree was the virgin sacrifice she needed to survive! #recycling

Then it gets kinda cool (mostly because Haley Webb is a completely spellbinding actress): Jen-rach reveals that she used mistletoe as her tool because it was overlooked in the myth of Baldr and became a weapon, and she, an overlooked victim of the Alphas, plans to avenge her pack using an overlooked detail of werewolf metaphysics: they have no powers during a lunar eclipse.

Allison, freshly relevant to the ep, hatches a decoy (Allison=Jen-rach) plot that involves Isaac FaceTiming her from her dad's car? Also, Cali jumping out of a window.

Argent Shoot-Out!

Jen-rach escapes!

Stiles figures out "Guardians"

...and after Jen-rach takes Doctor Mom... 
Scott defects to Team Alpha!

And our last shot? Doctor Mom and Sheriff Dad in the sacrifical root cellar of evil, the now-chopped-down, soon-to-be-restored-from-a-5-fold-triple-sacrifice n'bhutan (sp?)! (Now we know why Lydia was always drawin' that tree!)

Preview time!! Jen-rach comes for Blue Eyes! Derek makes up a way to use his Alpha contacts to heal Cora! Hopefully someone also prints out whatever celtic word they've been saying for that root cellar of death too...

Monday, August 5, 2013

SuperQueeros! for August 7th, 2013

OMG, It's Kevin's first kiss! Plus the trade paperback of an awesome anthology and a whole lot more... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!
Kevin Keller #10
Kevin Keller kisses a boy for the first time! TOO CUUUUUUTE! Also, the cover is a commission requested by my friend Nathan at MegaCon (he's the gay featured in this article about superhero tattoos)!

The Movement #4
With Rainmaker in the mix, there's more than one sort of storm breaking on the beseiged police department! Plus, Mouse's secret origin!

Earth 2 #15
Green Lantern falls victim to the hounds of Apokolips!

Artifacts #30
Finch is front and center as she's distracted from her primary mission by a begging Judge. What help does he need?

Prophet #38
Not sure if the children of Badrock are the charges of John Ka, but whoever's responsible for them better get their butt in gear before they're turned into living weapons!

Stormwatch #23
The Kollective's secrets are uncovered!

All New X-Men #15
Mystique will probably be in this book, but it's mostly about Cyc losing his gf. #yawn

X-Factor #260
The episodic nature of these final issues make me think that we won't be getting any Rictor or Shatterstar in this issue, but Polaris and Quicksilver do duke it out!

No Straight Lines: Four Decades Of Queer Comics (TP)
In case you missed this awesome anthology on your tablet or in hardcover, you can be the proud owner of the trade paperback starting this Wednesday! It's really funny, inspiring, a lil' sexy, and all around awesome!