Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alan Scott Better Be a 'Queero!

Alan and Obsidian, His Gay Son
There are no queer characters featured in comics this week. Please prove me wrong (please!), but as far as I can tell no comic coming out this week has a single queer character. And there are at least half a dozen AvX-tie-in titles out this week. You'd think that out of the two premiere Marvel super-teams there'd be ONE bi-curious or gender-transgressive character. But zilch.

Thorn, Alan's Baby Mama
And that's why I'm STOKED that Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of Earth 2, is going to be a 'mo: because losing Obsidian was one of the worst blows that DCnU dealt, because this will be the first core JSA character to be queer, and because I now have my fingers crossed that Rose/Thorn will be a transsexual character like Ben/Glory from BtVS or Xavin from Runaways. And that would be AWESOME.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Superqueeros! for May 23rd, 2012

It's one month until Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 come out in Japan and Pokemon Conquest comes out in the States! I am SALIVATING.

Meanwhile, the queers in comics this week are:

Astonishing X-Men #50
This title made news not only on the interwebs, but also The View! I have to had to the Marvel marketing team: if you want to start building a female audience (and a Marjorie Liu title is probably the best place to do that since she's (1) amazing and (2) writes a sexy Gambit) announcing a yaoi wedding on The View seems like a great way to go! So this must be the engagement issue... But if Kyle is going to off himself like we saw in the flash-forward last issue, how's he gonna show up to his wedding???

True Blood #1
The hit series (and multiple hit mini-series) gets its own on-going!

Justice League Dark #9
New writer, new team, and a new direction. I just wish Xanadu were along for the ride...

Teen Titans #9
The Culling ends! And leads directly into this month's Ravagers #1!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SuperQueeros! for May 16th, 2012

I studied too long for my next actuarial exam so... Blitzkreig!

Batwoman #9
"To Drown the World" chapter two! Six stories, only one Batwoman. Will these disparate pieces start to fall together?

X-Factor #236
Check out the cover!!!! '90's-TASTIC! And promises of revealing some of the Longshot/Shatterstar "familial" logistics!

Wonder Woman #9
Wondy Saves Zola from Hell, chapter two! Meanwhile, Apollo and Ares are colluding...

Avengers Academy #30
More Herc! More Stiker! More Lightspeed! Yeah, next time this book'll trump X-Factor for top billing...

Justice League #9
Who knows what's happening in this book. But Wonder Woman is in it. <3Diana

Hellblazer #291
Epilogue to the Hell-journey story!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SuperQueeros! for

I caught up on my Buffy last week! Here's the scoop...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9: Freefall #9
So. Here's some spoilers from the last couple of issues! Remember at the start of this season when Buff-ster had a house party and couldn't really remember what happened or who fathered her child or why she got ridonkulously crunk when she's had years of life-or-death experience with the preternatural dangers of house parties AND was the lead actor in the main story of "Beer Bad" in season 4? Well guess what! She wasn't crunk, Andrew just roofied her! Well that's a relie- wait what? Evidently the world's most morally confused character (who I, at this moment shamefacedly love... I blame Tom Lenk!) thinks it's TOTES COOL to rohypnol-ize someone if you're just planning on switching their brains with their robotic clone so that she thinks she's preggers when she's late! See, not a violation at all! Anyway, Ro-Buffy's pissed too, but her fleshy body-which is hardcore experiencing Emily Lake Syndrome (The ELS!) right now-just got kidnapped by that evil, pink-haired slayer!!!! So Ro-Buffy/Blonde-Cable, Spike, and Andrew are off to save it! Also, zompires are evolving and Domestic-Problems Xander and New-Hot-Cop are out fighting them. 

Ultimate Comics X-Men #11
DID YOU SEE WHAT ULTIMATE COLOSSUS DID I CAN'T TAKE IT NOOOOO STAY GOOD MY TWO-DIMENSIONAL CRUSH-GUY!!!!!!!!!!!! The Nimrods are attacking and it's up to Ororo and Piotr to find a way to stop the slaughter in the newly re-grittied Ultimate-verse. Who will escape this unrepentant slaughter? Who can stomach it? Who will alert Northstar so he can swoop in and save his boo-bear???? 

Superboy #9 / Legion Lost #9
The Culling crossover continues! I'm still v v v mad at them for killing Artemis, so I'm not really gonna plug Bunker much. But did you catch Danny the Street's appearance in April's Teen Titans? 'Twas hot.

i, Zombie #25
They're finally getting around to all that ominous stuff they hinted at 2 years ago.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SuperQueeros! for May 2nd, 2012

It's my brother's birthday on the 2nd! Happy birthday, lil' bro! The comics industry got you some SWEET-AS presents!

Edit: This title didn't show up this week. :(
Supurbia #3
"Everything I touch turns to gold" - Grace Randolph
My new favorite comic!!! Have you seen Agent Twilight???? No wonder Night Fox switched teams, that boy is FIIIIIIIINE! Anyway, the premise is that this issue a new perspective on the classic climactic-battle issue. While robots are attacking the UN (sooo JSA #yawn), this book answers the question "What's happening at the homestead?" (fresh POV!) I'm really excited to see... well, everything in this book! Grace Randolph is killing it on script, and the art by Russell Dauterman is both solid and consistent, something you don't normally find on titles with 50% female characters. Like I said: LOVE. #getit

Stormwatch #9
Is this cover hot?
Apollo and Midnighter (fan favs, my favs) fight "Skallox" (purportedly fan fav, defo not my fav) and his connection to Stormwatch (Oh Gaga, is he sticking around????? Ugh.) is revealed. Unless his connection to Stormwatch is the ability to control the Carrier's latent Daemonite capacity to 'ship all my favorite couples I am NOT INTERESTED. ...But the possibility of that being the case means that I am totes mcghost buying this 'sue...

Avengers Academy #29
...And the first page is naked Hercules. CORRECT. What next? Redonk AvX sleepover? Why not! Watch as Gen Hope, some of the X-Club, all those spare X-kids with no team, and the AA misfits mix it up during the biggest crossover since the last big crossover! The Runaways story was pretty good though... let's see what Gage does with this one!

Teen Titans Annual #1
An annual!!!!??!!! I am very excited!!! Bunker front and center on the cover??? EXCELLENT. It's the TT vs the LL (Legion Lost, a title which I have not read because Gravity Kid is not in it) in a giant, killer gauntlet. The nineties truly are back! :D

X-Factor #235
Peter David continues his tromp through the "Kick Ass" archetype and gives Shatterstar a berserker rage. Will the love of his man stop his bloody rampage? BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE TOTES KAWAII OMG #1direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hack/Slash #5
This is the last issue in "Monster Baiting". Evidently it is a game changer? I hope the change is that Cassie pulls a Willow and is a lesbian with exclusively-lady-relationships from now on. Oh! Maybe Samhain transitions! #probablyright

Plus Earth 2 #1 is coming out... Think we'll see Obsidian?