Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scarlet Betch Episode 69

Hey Betches!

We're back this week talking about the new betch on campus, Cullen Row in Batman #12, Kevin Keller and his trip to the London Olympics (and betchy ex-bfs), J.H. William's return to art on Batwoman, Wonder Woman, the Young Masters' guest appearance in Avengers Academy, and the great facepalm of Karma's perpetual victimization in New Mutants... and much more!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SuperQueeros! for August 29th, 2012

Tomorrow is Dragon Con Eve, you guys! For Southeastern Gaymers like me, Dragon Con Eve is basically Christmas Eve if Christmas were a four day long gift to yourself and the theme were "The Young Avengers" instead of "Jesus". Oh, and in this analogy Aaron Ashmore is the stocking stuffer.


But, anyway, comics:

Angel and Faith #13
I am digging Willow sans Buffy! Their falling out was too... boring. And Willow's quest to get back magic is much more interesting than fake robot pregnancy. It's too bad this is the penultimate issue of the story... but maybe it will reinvigorate Will for the rest of Season 9! I know she gets some powers for next week's issue and that probably means that this week has a Willow-centric cliffhanger, so I am well chuffed!

Uncanny X-Force #30
I don't think Daken or Mystique were in last week's issue! This week focuses on the New Brotherhood trying to turn Baby-pocalypse evil, so hopefully they'll both rear their sexy, sexy heads.

Justice League #12
I still consider Wonder Woman queer. I mean, I'm queer and if my writer pitched the idea of my boyfriend being Superman do you think I would protest? Nope, no I would not. 

It's like I always say, "Just 'cause you're a friend of Sappho doesn't mean that's your whole sexual identity, and just because you're dating a Kryptonian dude doesn't mean you didn't love your last Thymesciranese girlfriend."

But I am hoping that it doesn't last, if only because "Dark" and "Cliana" are both ridiculous.


True Blood #4
This issue focuses on Alcide's backstory. Not the "back-" I'm interested in, Joe, but I know somepony out there is going to want to pick this issue up.

New Mutants #48
Technically Karma is in this issue because Doug re-lives her death scene in either a nightmare or a Necrosha-zombie rehash. Awesome. #notawesome


OH. EM. GEE. You guys, Steed and Peel is getting an on-going series!!!! If you don't understand how amazing this is, PLEASE go back and watch Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel in the British TV show The Avengers ("No relation." - Joss Whedon). It stands the test of time, and Rigg is SO kick-as. Plus, one of their stories, the one they are revisiting in this issue, was the genesis of Emma Frost and Marvel's Hellfire Club!!! (As some dude whose wit I am stealing once said, "Good artists borrow. Great artists steal." Chris Claremont definitely heard that!!!!)

Anyway, basically all of my dreams are coming true this week. Thank you, DragonCon-mas!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SuperQueeros! for August 22nd, 2012

Did you guys see the edits to last week's SuperQueeros? Oh my gosh, there were 'queeros pouring out of the woodworks! This week is a little bit more sedate (I assume!). It must be going for quality over quantity:

Astonishing X-Men #53
More Northstar-centric goodness! Also, I just tried to call Northstar "'Star" and realized that that is the nickname of another gay male Marvel superhero, Shatterstar. So, in the Marvel Universe Theory of Queerness, queer ladies are rainbows and queer gentlemen are stars! (And queer trans heroes, heroically scoffing at the chains of a gender binary, are written off of their books. #notbitter #bringbackxavin) 

Also Karma! And did you guys catch New Mutants last week???? Yeah. Horrible. Alternate-Universe-Face FRIED HER. UGH!!!!! But she's kicking butt in this book! (I pray...)

I, Vampire #12
Stormwatch guests! Apollo shoots stuff with his hands!

Justice League Dark #12
The team is split up! "Blackbriar Thorn" is the name of a character!

Teen Titans #12
Wonder Girl's armor is still rampage-y!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SuperQueeros! for August 15th, 2012

Wonder Woman strikes twice this week, Julie Power has no power (I blame the derecho [actually, that's a great code name...]), and maybe we'll meet back up with the boys from XFI! Plus Constantine, Karma, Daken, and Mystique!

EDIT 2!!! THERE ARE SO MANY SUPERQUEEROS THIS WEEK! Check out Batman #12 for the awesome adventures of Cullen Row and his amazing sister, Harper Row! It looks like Harper is lining up to be the next Oracle, but in a punk-Gaga-in-the-sewers kind of way!

EDIT!!! Kevin and Clay are in Life with Archie #22!!! Will the Archie comics cave to the new cliche of killing the queer of color????

Batwoman #12

J.H. Williams III is back on art!! Batwoman continues her crusade against the motley group of monsters she faced in the last 6 issues, but this time she's taking them on one at a time. First up is the disgusting and dangerous Bloody Mary who has holed herself up in, where else, an abandoned Hall of Mirrors! Which raises the question to me, who abandons a hall of mirrors? Shouldn't those have a significant salvage value????

PLUS, in order to fight this legendary urban legend, Batwoman enlists the help of a werebeast and the master of legends herself, Wonder Woman!!!!!!

X-Factor #242
Darwin is back! Rahne's baby is back! Strong Guy is a Bad Guy! Will we meet back up with the odd, odd threesome of Rahne, Rictor and Shatterstar? Fingers crossed, but either way Peter David is going to work his usual magic this week! #fanboi

Wonder Woman #12
Apollo has come for Zeus's throne, and Diana is the only thing standing in his way! But the solicit mentions something about Wondie needing to protect her closest friend? And Zola gives birth?! And it's not human?!?!?! (I mean, duh, it's a demigod, but the solicit says it's "not what we would expect." What does one expect a demigod to look like? I'm going to cross out "Zeus" and "Jamie Madrox" though, since those are too obvs)

Avengers Academy #35
Lightspeed has been depowered, Striker has been conscripted into EVIL, and Big Zero and the other Young Masters of Evil are being, well, also evil!! How are the kids going to save the world when half of them are normies and the other half are being controlled by a criminal mastermind??? None of my final exams were ever this hard! #TWHS

Uncanny X-Force #29
X-Force versus Daken, Mystique, and the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! If EVA is Fantomex's CNS, does that make her a lesbian?

New Mutants #47
KARMA CAMEO!! (If not more!) Everyone is coming back from the dead these days, and the original Hellions are no exception (twice)! Hopefully Shan and Sam will stick around for more than just dinner though!

Hellblazer #294
Seance with a dead sister, another nephew-committed murder, and the family cult? "Curse of the Constantines" marches on!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scarlet Betch Episode 68

Hey Betches!

In this issue of Scarlet Betch, Anthony and Jason talk about the end of iZombie, the future of Teen Titans, the endless victimization of Karma, and the politics of superhero boyfriends, also we get excited about Bunker/Vibe speculations (Viker? Bibe?).

Also, lots of love to our friends at who have graciously asked us to crosspost our content! #nerdluvs

Let us know what you think! Plus, any comics you think we missed in our coverage let us know! Send us a tweet @ScarletBetch or by email at

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SuperQueeros! for August 8th, 2012

Wait, it's Wednesday already?! Okay, here's a super-quick run-down, since I'm super-late for work:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9: Freefall #12
Buffy and Kennedy (wooo!) vs. the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart! If only Angel weren't in a hell with Willow right now!! #starcrossed

Batgirl #12
Batgirl vs Batwoman!! #buyit

Kevin Keller #4
Kevin goes to the Olympics! With the gang in tow, of course!

Demon Knights #12
So it seems like Morgan LeFey is winning right now. Think that's what'll play into the issue zero?