Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SuperQueeros! for August 15th, 2012

Wonder Woman strikes twice this week, Julie Power has no power (I blame the derecho [actually, that's a great code name...]), and maybe we'll meet back up with the boys from XFI! Plus Constantine, Karma, Daken, and Mystique!

EDIT 2!!! THERE ARE SO MANY SUPERQUEEROS THIS WEEK! Check out Batman #12 for the awesome adventures of Cullen Row and his amazing sister, Harper Row! It looks like Harper is lining up to be the next Oracle, but in a punk-Gaga-in-the-sewers kind of way!

EDIT!!! Kevin and Clay are in Life with Archie #22!!! Will the Archie comics cave to the new cliche of killing the queer of color????

Batwoman #12

J.H. Williams III is back on art!! Batwoman continues her crusade against the motley group of monsters she faced in the last 6 issues, but this time she's taking them on one at a time. First up is the disgusting and dangerous Bloody Mary who has holed herself up in, where else, an abandoned Hall of Mirrors! Which raises the question to me, who abandons a hall of mirrors? Shouldn't those have a significant salvage value????

PLUS, in order to fight this legendary urban legend, Batwoman enlists the help of a werebeast and the master of legends herself, Wonder Woman!!!!!!

X-Factor #242
Darwin is back! Rahne's baby is back! Strong Guy is a Bad Guy! Will we meet back up with the odd, odd threesome of Rahne, Rictor and Shatterstar? Fingers crossed, but either way Peter David is going to work his usual magic this week! #fanboi

Wonder Woman #12
Apollo has come for Zeus's throne, and Diana is the only thing standing in his way! But the solicit mentions something about Wondie needing to protect her closest friend? And Zola gives birth?! And it's not human?!?!?! (I mean, duh, it's a demigod, but the solicit says it's "not what we would expect." What does one expect a demigod to look like? I'm going to cross out "Zeus" and "Jamie Madrox" though, since those are too obvs)

Avengers Academy #35
Lightspeed has been depowered, Striker has been conscripted into EVIL, and Big Zero and the other Young Masters of Evil are being, well, also evil!! How are the kids going to save the world when half of them are normies and the other half are being controlled by a criminal mastermind??? None of my final exams were ever this hard! #TWHS

Uncanny X-Force #29
X-Force versus Daken, Mystique, and the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! If EVA is Fantomex's CNS, does that make her a lesbian?

New Mutants #47
KARMA CAMEO!! (If not more!) Everyone is coming back from the dead these days, and the original Hellions are no exception (twice)! Hopefully Shan and Sam will stick around for more than just dinner though!

Hellblazer #294
Seance with a dead sister, another nephew-committed murder, and the family cult? "Curse of the Constantines" marches on!

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