Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Thor Trailer released at San Diego Comic Con

More news coming out of San Diego this morning. Attendees have recently uploaded recordings of the trailer for the upcoming Thor movie slotted for release in May 2011. I've had some mixed feelings about this film. Most of them revolve around the use of a golden eye patch. But after seeing this trailer a little more faith has been restored. A large part of that might be because of Chris Hemsworth's muscles. Just sayin' [via i09]

Monday, July 26, 2010

SuperQueeros! for July 28th, 2010

The New:
X-Men: Legacy #238
As my personal fav X-person, Anole's comic this week gets top billing. Anole, Loa, Rogue, and Magneto accompany Indra back to India to find out what's got his parents in such a tizzy that they would beg their mutant son to come home. Meanwhile, a young, blonde girl interdimensional alien is about to break into 616 and spice things up even more! And, did I mention?, Anole is in this comic book! #BEST

Justice League of America #47
The JSA + JLA crossover continues in this, the third issue in the five-part crossover. Obsidian (and his dad) are still being controlled by the havoc-wreaking Starheart and it's up to the unaffectable members of the two super-teams to put them down! Hopefully they'll de-brain-wash Obsidian this month; I want to see him and Jade kick some butt together!

The Authority: The Lost Year #11
It's the penultimate issue of the long-awaited, Grant Morrison-planned storyline! The Authority have landed in a universe where they're world-ruling facists. Which, if you recall their take over of America, is a bit more like looking a mirror for The Authority than would make anyone comfortable. Either way, though, it's new Apollo-Midnighter goodness, so pick it up!

The Delayed:
Wildcats #25
Yeah, this didn't end up coming out the week I wrote about it. So pick it up this week!

The Questioning:
Detective Comics #827
So the solicit for last month told us that "Batwoman and the Question" were coming back this month. But the solicit for DC 827 is CLEARLY for a story about Batman, and there is no mention whatsoever about a Question (+ Batwoman?) back-up. It's still on my pull list, so I'll let you know if our two fav caped lesbian exes make an appearance or not.
Detective is all Batman! Not even a Question follow-up! BUT Renee isn't sitting on her butt! She pays a visit to Saint Walker in this month's Green Lantern, #56!!!!

Wonder Woman #601
If Gail Simone isn't writing Wonder Woman, is it still a story about a superhero from an island of lesbians? Especially if that island paradise was raped, razed, and turned to rubble? And is that elephant-riding hottie Achilles still alive/a homo? Only one way to find out, I guess! #Readon!

Gotham City Sirens #14
One of the best series to come out of the death of Batman, the GCS are facing potential break-up as a result of the meddling of their antagonists! Will these three questionably-close femme fatales break-up or make-up? And is that Talia Al-Ghul on the cover of next month's issue...? #spoilers?

Madame Xanadu #25
HEARING! The MX storyline about the senses continues as Spencer, a man gifted with extraordinary hearing, begins to pick up on some not-very-nice voices. Angry voices. Lust-filled voices. One might even say... demon voices! Can Madame Xanadu intervene in time or will Spencer be lost to the din in his head?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whedon to Direct Avengers Movie

Holy shit balls, it's official: Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers movie. It was just recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con that geeklebrity director/writer/producer most famous for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and most recently Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Podcast (we're going to collectively choose to forget that Dollhouse ever existed... just like how they only made three Star Wars movies... right? right?) will be directing Marvel's pan-franchise megapic about the giant super-team.

While the team roster is still up in the air, with Joss on board we should be assured at least a few strong, well-written, female characters. As we had previously discussed on Scarlet Betch, the current Marvel film franchises eligible for Avenger status is nearly exclusively male. Mainstream American audiences have only just been introduced to Black Widow in Iron Man II, with no other canonical female heroes being featured in current Avenger franchises.

Gender politics aside, i am so flippin' excited. Ever since Whedon parted ways on his much publicized early attachment to the perennially rumored Wonder Woman movie, we haven't seen much on him in the movie world. He seemed to have disappeared from the face of the planet for a series of months when Eliza Dushku was also suddenly unaccounted for... but we are all pleased to hear that the master has returned.

Now, the big question is... which main character is he going to kill off? My guess is Jarvis. It's always the unassuming morale core that gets killed in Whedon media.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SuperQueeros! for July 21st, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Volume 6, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, came out today!!!! Did you go to a midnight release party? I totally did! And then I stayed up and read Volume 6!!! I do not remember Scott Pilgrim being so much about pictures. And declarative sentences. But I guess you can't be asking questions all the time! Or talking! Also, BLOOD.

Anyway, I loved it and it was cute and there were 4 (FOUR!!) gays, two of whom TOTES MADE OUT, so SP6 gets ALL THE THUMBS UP!!

Oh, and some other comics come out this week?

New Mutants #15
Karma has a sexy new leg!!!

"I thought you said was going to be sexy!?" "This is sexy!!"
- exchange between Karma, the lesbian-sexual, and Box, the machine-sexual???, in Second Coming #2

Also, more demons are coming to kill everybody! Because Inferno was an atrocity whose sins are going to be revisited on an unsuspecting readership team of New Mutants!! Oh, and Moonstar and Cannonball are totally making out? And Sunspot and Magma are totes an item now? So Zeb Wells likes bad 80's crossovers and... 'shipping? I just hope that all the romance hasn't gotten in the way of his writing some bad-as guns into Karma's machine-leg!

X-Factor #207
Something, something HELA!! Rictor and Shatterstar, sleuthing, butt-kicking boyfriends, and some other people get hired by the Viking Goddess of Hel to do... something! And evidently it will have the internet all atwitter and the twitter all abuzz and the googlebuzz all a-internet because something MAJOR CRAZY FREAKY is about to go down on the last page! So go buy it! (actually do: Peter David is pretty much known as "The Delivery Man" because he always #delivers)

Justice Society of America #41
Obsidian is still crazy! Starman just got his heart crystal ripped out! Is he dead??? Will he be able to be resuscitated?? Will the Starheart drop it's hold on Obsidian long enough for him to sexily save the blue, bi alien hero? Will the totally make out, despite the chaotic havoc around them?? Hopefully the answer to all these questions will be YES, but the only way you'll know for sure is to pick up JSA #41!!

Dark Wolverine #88
Daken vs FrankenCastle! The match-up that killed Frank Castle will probs play into his resurrection (see Shadowland previews/comic book history 101), and here's where it all goes down! Also, given the title's history, maybe there will be some Punisher-on-Wolvie making out! (plz?)

True Blood #1

Something something... all the cool TV show characters tell their origin stories told... something... Alan Ball gets paid... something something LAFAYETTE!!!!!! That last word is the only one you need to know. This is gonna be awesome (hooker)!

Monday, July 12, 2010

SuperQueeros! for July 15th, 2010

Wildcats #25
Last issue Zealot and Midnighter decided to throw down over Zealot's morally problematic baby-factory. This issue? PAYOFF. Of course, according to the solicit, it doesn't look like we'll settle the issue of who would win the fight because the fighting will probably stop when someone"gets caught in the crossfire". Hopefully that only happens after ten pages of @$$-kicking action, though!

X-Men: Hellbound #3
The conclusion of the most gay-friendly X-men storyline I've ever read! The conflicts have been set up: evil-ized Dazzler, Northstar, & Gambit vs not-evilized Cannonball & Anole, and Magik vs Pixie and a Demon. Things about to get CRAZY. I'm hoping that we find out more about Gambit's transformations, but that he still retains the ability to transform upon leaving Limbo, and that this issue will mark an end to Anole's asymmetry, either by his regrowing a twinkier, less awkward arm, or by his losing the left arm too. Also, I'd like a guest appearance by Dex-Starr, please?

The Authority: The Lost Year #10
This is where the end begins! The Authority have battled themselves across many multiple universes, but in this month's issue they come face to face with the most evil incarnations of themselves yet. You thought used car salesmen were bad? Well this Authority is an iron-willed fascist government, complete with internment camps and bad facial hair (I'm guessing)! Can Midnighter, Apollo, and the rest of the gang wrest power away from their crazy clones, or will we find out that the Authority we've been reading about in World's End is actually a bunch of inter-dimensional Nazi invaders???? Or maybe blah, blah, moral ambiguity, violence, character development, blah?

New Mutants #15
Remember Inferno? Yeah, I wasn't literate then either. But Zeb Wells does! (Or has a library card!) Because there's a platoon from Purgatory about to rain heck down on our recovering New Mutant heroes, and it ain't gonna be pretty! Though frequently side-tracked by the species-wide crossovers of the past six months, this is the storyline that New Mutants has been working toward. Why is Magik back? What alternate, horrible future is she trying to prevent? What nefarious purpose does Project Purgatory serve? What cool stuff will Karma's robot leg be able to do??? All this and more will be answered in these pages, people. All this, and MORE!

Project Rooftop takes on Wonder Woman Re-design, Or How I Stopped Hating Jim Lee's Design

I'm a big fan of Project Rooftop. Between doing freelance costume design in my spare time to a voracious appetite for comics, Project Rooftop which solicits superhero costume redesigns from artists across the intertubes, satisfies both those niches for me.

Recently P:R artists have taken on Jim Lee's much talked about redesign of Wonder Woman's iconic star-spangled bathing suit. While I still have great objections to what DC is doing plot-wise with the Amazon princess, Project: Rooftop artists have made me hate the new costume a little less.

Check out the rest of Project: Rooftop's great Wonder Woman art!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scarlet Betch Episode 24: "Pride & Pants"

Scarlet Betch is back at it with a special Pride edition. Jason and Anthony talk about the latest trends with gays and comics, including the Wonder Woman reboot, Gail Simone and her return to Birds of Prey, X-Factor coming together, and much much more!

Featured music for this week is Freezepop's "Do You Like Boys"

Direct Download

SuperQueeros! for July 8th, 2010

Happy (belated) Independence Day! Remember, the long holiday weekend means that comics ship on Thursday this week, so don't expect to find any brand new goodies at your comic book store today. But, oh man, tomorrow? Tomorrow expect EVERYTHING:

The Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade #1
That's right! Billy and Teddy and Heinberg and Cheung all back together again (no homo [WAIT, TOTALLY HOMO])! And they're about to go find the scarletest betch of all, the Scarlet Witch! This is the event of the year DECADE for any fanboy or girl of gays, magic, or Marvel, and it starts TOMORROW!!!!!! Plus, now with gay kisses! #SWOON

House of Mystery #27
Tursig gets more screen time as we get to the halfway point of the year that promises to see everyone's favourite gay goblin become a warrior king and a major player in the HoM universe. The solicits promise "changes" in this issue, and Tursig is even featured on the cover. If there's one issue of HoM you buy this year, it's looking like this is it!

The Authority #24

All that deep space mojo that the Authority pissed off last month? Yeah, it's attacking them now. Let's hope Rainmaker makes it through the day, slays the Aegean zombie, and gets the girl!

The Secret Six #23
Gail Simone is on break for the next storyline, but John Ostrander isn't pulling any punches. Scandal Savage is going to have to fight for her life as the tables get turned on the Secret Six when they become the prey of some wealthy, amoral predators. Hopefully Ostrander and RB Silva (pencils) will be able to capture Baine's and Catman's inner shirtless-ness. #complexstuff

The Rawhide Kid #2
Ugh. When Marvel told us that they were updating their ruff-and-tuff, coded-gay cowboy character to be explicitly out, they forgot to mention that they were going to completely rewrite his personality. Am I missing something? Is this new Rawhide Kid a harbinger of queer awesome-nocity, or simply trite lip service to a hypothetical gay populace that lives everyday like it's a Queer Eye premiere? I mean, I will park my butt in front of some Bravo, don't get me wrong. But "The Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous"? Really Marvel? Reeeeaaaaaally?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

High School Science FACTion: Schoolboy Spiderman

Every kid wants to be a superhero. Take your pick. Some want Superman's strength and x-ray vision (am I right boys?), others want to be able to shoot lasers out of their eyes like good ol' Cyclops, and more than a few kids grow up dreaming of wall-climbing like our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. For most kids, a dream is just a dream... but not for 13 year-old Hibiki Kono. This little Peter Parker in the making was so inspired by his dream of wall-climbing that he created a device to do just that! What makes it even better? He made it with a pair of recycled vacuum cleaners. Watch it after the jump!