Monday, December 6, 2010

Sneak Peak at Outland, Aussi Gay Geek TV Show

Australian gay news publication, SX, has acquired a sneak peak photo of the cast of the upcoming Outland series that we've been chattering about here on Scarlet Betch. The show evidently features a cast of four white gay men of varying degrees of outness and a black lesbian in a wheelchair. So from left to right it looks like we've got the Boy next door gaymer, the Dungeons & Dragons (emphasis on the Dungeons) leather daddy, Oppression McGee aka Black Oracle, ChiChi LaRue meets Uhura, and Preppy closet nerd. While my problematic-o-meter is pinging like mad, I'm reserving judgement 'til we see some footage. See for yourself:

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Kuhnsy said...

Having seen most of Summer Heights High I'm not really scared that things will get offensive in their stereotyping. Despite being a sitcom about a poor, dumb immigrant, a rich, white snob, and an incompetent (and flaming) teacher, Summer Heights High humanized each essentially irredeemable individual. The Aus aesthetic, IMO, is fairly deterministic: no one prevents change, up-ends the status quo, or goes from rags to riches or back ("The tallest poppy gets cut" is an Aussie saying about ENCOURAGING conformity!), but every character finds a personal victory by the end.

Of course, I'm no scholar of Australian culture, but personal satisfaction within irrevocably imperfect circumstances seems to be the Down Under version of the Little Orphan Annie myth.

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