Monday, December 13, 2010

SuperQueeros! for December 15th

I am HUGE X-men fan, so even though this week is lighter on queer characters than last week was, I'm super excited! More Anole this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, just in time for X-mas, next week is going to be a comic book DELUGE. But until then...

X-Factor #212
Shatterstar Takes Las Vegas continues! Joined by Thor, X-Factor is preparing to confront Hela in her lair and dissent is starting to foment among the X-ranks. This is the start of a story thread that will see one member of X-Factor leave the agency: who will it be, why will it be, and what role do the machinations of the Norse Gods have to play in this decision? Just because it's the Heroic Age for Thor doesn't mean every mensch in tights has magically become super-boy scouts like Clark Kent! As usual, the awesome and angst-y X-drama starts here!!

X-Men: To Serve and Protect #2
Or, as I like to call it, Anole & Rockslide: To Snark and Pummel! Yup, we get the second issue of the X-Men's "Heroic Age" short story collection, and everyone's favorite lizard-boy is front and center. Rockslide and Anole have taken down the fringe forces of Mr. Negative's crime syndicate, which means that they've successfully tickled a sleeping dragon. Will the two teenage vigilantes be able to survive the full brunt of one of Spidey's most sinister rogues if the X-Men aren't waiting in the wings to save them?

Plus, the Stepford Cuckoos! And Spidey! #sweeeeet!

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