Monday, December 6, 2010

Superqueeros! for December 10th, 2010

Wow, this week is pretty slim pickings... Torchwood didn't ship last week, so hopefully it'll be in stores this week. But other than that we just have What If?'s Baby Daken (cuuuute!) and the varied and troubled cast of House of Mystery to "bring the queer" to comics this week.

What If? Wolverine Father
This issue asks, "What would Daken be like if Wolverine had raised him?" It appears to imply that a killing-machine-for-a-Dad might not be the most nurturing (or different) scenario for Baby D, but Wolvie was the best friend of all the Kitties, Jubilees, Marrows, and Pixies that were sheltered by the X-men over the years, so he might make an excellent father. What do you think? And is Daken still going to be the queer we know and love given the radically different rearing he's about to face? Only one way to find out! #buyit

House of Mystery #32
Like Dorothy from Kansas, the House of Mystery and its owner Fig were swept away from their friends and foundations to face their final foes last issue. Meanwhile, Abel re-opens the House of Secrets to quench the thirst of the lost souls who are demanding a table at which to tell their tales. Who knows if we'll see Tursig this issue (I'm assuming the House of Secrets is also located in the bazaar), but I think one of the women in the main cast may also be queer (there was this one throw-away line last issue that piqued my interest), so maybe this book has more of an LGBT cast than I thought!

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