Monday, November 29, 2010

SuperQueeros! for December 1st, 2010

How was your Thanksgiving? Filled with comic-book AWESOME-NESS? Yeah, I thought so.

This week isn't quite as gangbusters as last week, but we have four strong titles out instead of an avalanche of limited series, and almost all of them are bringing end-of-the-year resolution to the plot threads you love!

The Authority #29
The last issue of (this volume of) The Authority! As we all know, Wildstorm is folding into the DCU (well, it's folding, and it's owned by DC. Where or when it ends up is still a mystery.), and December is the last month for its continuing series. This issue is sure to tie into the final issue of Wildcats, but the solicit is promising that the Authority is going to make it back to Earth with a Carrier full of secrets. Will one of those secrets be the solution to Wildstorm-Earth's apocalypse? And will that solution be the answer to what is about to happen to all the Wildstorm characters? Only one way to find out! #getit

Torchwood #5
It's a Gwen one-shot and the conclusion to 'Broken' in this month's Torchwood issue! I'm a Gwen fan, so I'm looking forward to this story, especially to finding out where in her timeline this story is set. Plus, Gary Russel has been knocking it out of the park with the Ianto-Jack banter in 'Broken', so I trust it will be a satisfying finish for the back-up story started way back in issue #1! It's the end of an era, so be sure to pick it up!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer#39
Speaking of eras ending, this is the second-to-last issue of BtVS: Season 8! And with no pre-released covers this month, expect the unexpected! Who will be the one to betray Buffy? Willow is facing a world without magic, Xander is facing a world with no room for humans, and Buffy is caught, unknowing, in the middle. As we've seen with Wildstorm, the Earths of comic books are not at all safe from the apocalyptic imaginations of writers. Where is Joss going to take this story?

Secret Six #28
It's the ultimate issue of 'Reptile Brain', the storyline that pitted Secret Six against Secret Six, promised a bloodbath with super-villain casualties, and delivered a bloodbath with super-villain... hugs? It also delivered a lot of shirtless Catman. So in the end everything worked out even-Steven. Since nobody died, though, how are the two Secret Sixes going to shake out post-conflict? Is this title about to become Secret Twelve, or are some people going to stay behind in Dinosaur-land? Or just head home after a hard day's slaughter? This month, we find out!

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