Monday, November 22, 2010

SuperQueeros! for November 24th, 2010

It's Northstar Week! Not only is Northstar one-half of the un-quarantined X-men in Uncanny's creatively named "Quarantine" storyline, but Sasquatch's deal with the Great Beasts leads to Jean-Paul's inclusion in an awesome revival of the original Alpha Flight line-up for the Chaos War! Also, as if that weren't enough, Lafayette tells his story in the True Blood mini, the Wildcats' penultimate issue hits stores, and one of the New Mutants falls to the Inferno Babies! Plus GCS and Madame Xanadu! This is the best Thanksgiving EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chaos War: Alpha Flight
The most awesome Northstar-featuring comic this week (imo) sees the revival of his deceased teammates as they get one issue to help bring down the Chaos King. The premise for this event's tie-in books is: every living person is asleep and defenseless, so deceased heroes have been revived to fight an onslaught of attacking gods. I'm not sure if these characters stay relevant to the storyline after this one-shot, but whether or not they do I'm excited: I've not read any of the original Alpha Flight run and now, just like Marina, Vindicator, Guardian, and Shaman, I get a second chance!

Uncanny X-Men #530
If Chaos War: Alpha Flight is the most awesome Northstar-inclusive title this week, then Uncanny X-men is the most fabulous. The "Quarantine" storyline is, essentially, that Anole and the kids get sick (ANOLE ALERT!) and Utopia is quarantined from the outside world. Meanwhile, stuff starts going down outside the island, and the sick mutants start losing their powers. Where does Northstar come in to the equation? Well there are only two mutants NOT on Utopia when the quarantine starts: Dazzler and Northstar. Yup, we're about to get a full story arc of a super-diva and her super-GBF kicking butt all over San Fransisco. Who said all the X-Gays were metaphors only? #awesome #buyit

EDIT: Okay, Northstar and Dazzler aren't the ONLY un-quarantined X-Men. But 20% gay is still very gay!

True Blood #5
Lafayette's story! It's finally here! The second-to-last issue of the True Blood mini is out this week and we finally get to hear some of what Lafayette's been hiding. If you've been missing the fabulous fry cook while TB is off the air, this is the book for you. Plus, if you like Ryan Kwanten's Jason in compromising positions this book features just that sort of tale too!

Wildcats #29
Everything ends in #30! With one issue to go before everything hits the fan expect this issue to be a game-changer. Who will be the new Doctor? Will Apollo smash more golems like a blond Hulk? And is the ship headed toward Earth the Carrier or something worse????

New Mutants #19
This is the end of "Fall of the New Mutants" but it's definitely not the end of the Project Purgatory storyline! One of Marvel's Mutants is "fallen" and "no longer a part of the New Mutants" by the end of this issue, but I have a feeling that will play heavily into our heroes' successful counterstrike next month(s). Whatever happens, however, this issue is looking to be a turning point for our heroes as they're pushed to the max to overcome the overwhelming force that is: The Purgatory Babies! #KarmaKickingButt

Madame Xanadu #29
The end of the senses storyline! With a new chibopathic sidekick in tow, M.X. and her continuing series are poised to join the DCU's Silver Age. Who is the "familiar team of heroes" that will be appearing this issue? Just what is the Phantom Stranger doing in this book? And what does it all have to do with Madame Xanadu's Sixth Sense?

Gotham City Sirens #17
Talia Al Ghul + Zatanna + Poison Ivy + Harley Quinn =... Saving Catwoman? It seems like the most unlikely scenario ever, which is half the reason that GCS #17 is one of the most awesome books out this month. (The other half is the fact that Talia, Zatanna, Ivy, and Harley are easily in the top twenty most awesome characters in the DCU) The premise: Selina's been kidnapped and cracking her knowledge of Batman's identity is the kidnapper's ultimate goal. So buckle up, buy it, and love it! This book rocks.

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