Friday, November 5, 2010

Scarlet Betch Episode 29

Hey betches!

Scarlet Betch is back at it again, keeping you updated on the latest in comic book news and reviews. Thankfully we dodged any technical difficulties and we're slowly getting a handle on this whole vlogging bit. Jason and Anthony give shout outs to Bruce Wayne - The Road Home: Batgirl, Archie Comics' Veronica 202, among others and talk in depth about this month's Wonder Woman and her confrontation with the Colonel, all things Anole in X-men Legacy and X-men: To Serve & Protect, and this month's Buffy, The Last Gleaming Part III.

Let us know what you think! Plus, any comics you think we missed in our coverage let us know! Send us a tweet @ScarletBetch or by email at

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