Friday, November 12, 2010

Fanart Friday: Idealized Body Types and the Art of Paco Medina

We all know that idealized body types in comics can be fairly problematic, and I don't mean to imply that any artist who draws the super-idealized-not-achievable bodies of superheroes has or does not have any to all of those problems. Rather, on this Fanart Friday, I would like to perv out on spotlight the professional works of Paco Medina, specifically his depiction of Cyclops in next week's X-Men #5. To the right you can see a section of a larger panel that Marvel has released to the web as a preview from that very volume:

Wow. Woof. Am I right fellas? Definitely woof. AND, because this comic features Bling! (out lesbian of color!) as part of the Tough Skin Gang (read the preview), you can totally guiltlessly buy this comic for the queer solidarity factor and not for the pictures! Definitely not for the pictures! Let's all look to the right again:

Consummate penciling skills, Paco! Hopefully you didn't plagiarize a Photoshopped magazine to get these perfect proportions! lol, jk, flop sweat! Hopefully you used a life model. From Florida. Whose phone number you are willing to disseminate. Because I'm going to need to #marriage.

Happy Friday!

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