Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BETCH ALERT: Two-timing JMS Dumps Diana and Clark for 20 Year Old Stud from Kansas

It was announced today on the official DC Universe blog that J. M. Sraczynski is going to be leaving both of his head writer positions on Superman and the current Wonder Woman reboot to work on a sequel to the critically acclaimed Superman re-imagining, Earth One. While I am excited to learn of Earth One's continuation (haven't read it myself, but intend to), I am deeply concerned over the quality of the Wonder Woman book as it continues this winding trail of increasingly cryptic retcon-a-pullooza:

Starting with SUPERMAN #707 and WONDER WOMAN #605, Straczynski will step back as the monthly scripter of both books, opening the door for two rising talents to step in and complete the books’ respective storylines using JMS’s story notes. Straczynski’s influence will be apparent in both titles – Superman’s Walk Across America continues, the mysteries surrounding Wonder Woman barrel toward a conclusion and in due time you’ll have a second volume of SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE to put on the shelf next to the first.
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On WONDER WOMAN, Editor Brian Cunningham brought in writer Phil Hester to join series artist Don Kramer and Straczynski, starting with WONDER WOMAN #605. Hester is no stranger to DC, which has featured his work as both writer and artist on a number of titles, including EL DIABLO, GREEN ARROW and NIGHTWING. WONDER WOMAN #605 will be co-penciled by artist Eduardo Pansica, who will also be the artist on #606. Kramer will return to full art duties with #607.
 While I'm enjoying seeing Diana as a young impetuous warrior, willing to take names and put baddies down when they deserve it... I'm very concerned at all this shuffling on the creative end. A good monthly needs a regularity and stability creatively. As swell as Buffy Season 8 has been, it's been a bit of a meandering mess and a major clusterfuck at the end. Compare that with something like Kirkman's wildly popular The Walking Dead, and you can see the benefit of a steady and dedicated creative team. Here's hoping Wonder Woman doesn't become a casualty of the writer shuffle.

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