Friday, November 5, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Line Test for New Avatar: The Legend of Korra, leaked!

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Earlier this year, Nickelodeon and Avatar creators announced a new mini-series in the Avatar world about the next avatar: a waterbender named Korra. The intert00bs have erupted with the leaking of a line test from the show, further confirmation that the production is trucking ahead, slow and steady.

Be sure to check it out for as long as the powers that be let it stay up!

2 betches:

Justin said...

I think it's a little weird how much bustier Korra is. I feel like the original Avatar made a point of downplaying the Katara's sexuality, which was great for a number of reasons. She actually looked 14 and had a realistic build for that age. That's good. The last thing we need is more unrealistic portrayals of female bodies shown to kids.

Also, she was never a damsel in distress or used as a helpless macguffin for Sokka or Aang. A highly sexualized female is often subjected to that sort of treatment.

It bugs me a bit that Korra looks like she has such a huge rack. What does that add to the character, really? Then again, only time will tell, eh?

Michael said...

well she is like 16 in this meh :/ didnt even notice it till u pointed it out.

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