Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Aus Comedy About... US!

So the Australian Broadcasting Company has just announced what may be the most exciting TV news ever?

This means that we're about to get three hours of queers discussing who's hotter, Matt Smith or David Tennant, right??? Because I think I would watch that on an infinite loop! #soexcited!!

4 betches:

Kristina said...

I hope so! I wonder how long before we can watch it?

Kuhnsy said...

Hmm... It says that it's filming now, but the only broadcast date is "2011"... But given that it's a show that will appeal to tech-savvy geeks and Australia is located in the future, I'd say that we'll probably be able to stream it the day before it broadcasts! ;)

Jason said...

hopefully they won't make a piss poor American re-make that's badly cast and painful to watch *cough kath and kim cough*

Kuhnsy said...

But maybe they'll make a competent re-imagining, like The Office! I think the success of a remake depends on the universality of the stereotypes used in the original series. Kath & Kim and Coupling suffered from people trying to change the characters, IMO, which I guess they did because they thought the originals were too "ethnic".

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