Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WHOOPS: Superqueeros Correction - BATWOMAN #0

Yesterday I said that this was the best Thanksgiving EVER because of the impressive prominence of queer superheroes in this week's comic books. But I was wrong. It's the BEST THANKSGIVING EVER-EST!!! N00b-like, I missed the solicitation for the BIG KAHUNA of all superqueeros: Batwoman #0 is in stores TODAY!!!!!!!!

The premise of the issue (at least in the solicit) is that Batman is confirming his suspicions of Batwoman's identity. That means that it's through the eyes of the World's Greatest Detective that we'll review all the Batwoman mythology developed in Detective Comics earlier this year. Then, primed and ready, we'll... have to wait until February for Batwoman #1. D'oh!

But some Batwoman is better than no Batwoman, especially at Thanksgiving (THANK YOU J.H.!), and this is probably the best comic book you can buy this week ever, so #GetIt. Plus, in the politics of desire, the sweetest part is always the antici-

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