Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dark Wolverine writer Marjorie Liu Talks Daken, Weaponized Sexuality

Newsarama posted a great interview with Dark Wolverine writer Marjorie Liu asking about her experience writing one of Marvel's most notorious and highly billed bisexual. Liu makes some interesting points about Daken's unique powerset as a male character and his relationship, or lack of one, with his father, Wolverine. I've had a lot of conflicting feelings about Daken as a character. On one hand it's great to see writers really embrace the bisexual part of Daken, and its refreshing that recently it seems that Daken's bisexuality is more complex than it has been in the past (it seemed that whenever Daken was having sex for "fun" it would be with a woman, but sex for business/nefarious plots/leverage would be with a man). It is somewhat unique, as noted by the interviewers to see a male character use his sexuality as a weapon. Check out the interview over at Newsarama!

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Kuhnsy said...

This interview cemented my Liu fandom. I gonna be buying her books this holiday, for sure!

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