Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wildstorm Goes Bye!


Kiss Wildstorm good-bye! The home of Midnighter+Apollo and Rainmaker is soon to be a line of the past as the DC restructuring results in its closure! Everything ends this December, which means that, after the Wildcats issue out today, the denizens of the dilapidated Wildstorm-verse have 3 issues to fix their post-apocalyptic home! Limited series Welcome to Tranquility and DV8 will finish up after the December doom-date, but everything else will go on hiatus in 2011 until they can be revived as DC titles.

I'm fan-freaking-out about this development! What will happen to (my) Midnighter?!?! From a creative standpoint I know that a fan-loved pseudo-Batman is too much of a cash cow to radically retcon and that this is a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into his angst-ridden (and, frankly, super-boring) marriage, but if the Wildstorm-verse gets incorporated into the DCU, what will be the fate of a THIRD Batman? I just hope Midnighter doesn't turn into a guest cameo every time DC thinks it could use a few pink dollars!

On the upside, this could be like Marvel revamping th Ultimate line: a re-set for the books that were getting too bogged down or convoluted by their mythology/cast (Gen13, I hardly recognize you!) and a return to form for those titles that were getting it right (I love the Wildcats/Authority, but I'd like some sexual tension between Midnighter and Apollo. They're the only happily married couple who don't even look at each other...).

Conclusion: fingers crossed!

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