Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SuperQueeros! for September 9th, 2010

WOW! Just got back from Dragon*Con last night and let me tell you: WOW! As always it was an awesome four days of hot costumes (additional photos, also from 2009), hilarious superstar panels (Firefly cast!! Brandon Routh!! True Blood cast!!!! STAN FREAKING "THE MAN" LEE!!!!! [@therealstanlee on twitter!]), internet celebrities, awesome parties, cool new and classic comic creators, educational and awesome panels, and, of course, US!!!! A great time was impossible NOT to be had, even if you only went for only one day! Thanks to everyone who attended for making 2010 such a great Con, and to those who didn't or couldn't attend: drool over the photos, start saving your dollars, and meet us there in 2011!

Now, back to the SuperQueeros! schtick of listing this week's queer-inclusive comics! Remember, comics come out on Thursday this week, not Wednesday, because of Labor Day. If you know a comic I haven't included that has a queer character or queer themes, please let me know in the comments section and I'll add it!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #1
I'm so excited for Daken #1!! Marjorie Liu is still on writing duties, and we haven't seen a bisexual character in a solo title since BKV's Mystique, so it's basically awesome on all fronts! Perhaps it's a sign of progress that, not only has the shortest male hero in the Marvel U (sorry Puck, you're dead) also become the most ubiquitous, but that he has now spawned two ground-breaking characters: a female, 616-canon hero set to rival Mayday Parker in popularity and a bisexual male anti-hero.

Postive change feels good. So will reading this book! #cuteboys #violence

Green Lantern #57
This gets put on the list because the solicit features the words "a male Star Sapphire". The phrase after that is "in the form of the Predator", which basically both negates and hetero-normalizes the former phrase**, but I'm still allowing for the possibility that Geoff Johns will stop his trend of turning the DCU back into a straight, white boys club and feature a queer space hero. Buy it if you like Green Lantern, but not if you're expecting progress in comic books.

**Predator is the force that powers the Star Sapphires. In the past he has been shown to be an obsessive, controlling male who preys on the women whose power rings he fuels. By making him the only male Star Sapphire, the Violet Lantern Corps is effectively reduced to his heterosexual space-harem. Way to go, DC.

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