Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SuperQueeros! for September 29th, 2010

A much better showing this week when compared to last: two clans of ambiguously bi/gay women, two out and proud gay supes, and TORCHWOOD!
Torchwood #3
GARETH DAVID-LLOYD WROTE THE FIRST STORY! Everyone done swooning? Good: The tale involves Ianto (solo adventure?) meeting "a beautiful, deadly woman who may upend his life." So this looks like a prequel, but is it a pre-Lisa-the-Cyberwoman story or post-Cyberwoman? Is Ianto working for Torchwood One, or is this even earlier? There's only one way to find out! #buyit
(Also, Broken Part 3 is the back-up story and I think we are all eager for some inappropriately timed Ianto-Jack flirting!)
Wonder Woman #603
Last month JMS surprised us with one of the most kick-butt Wonder Woman stories I've read in a long while, and this month he adds to the growing mythology by introducing the monstrous Keres to fight Diana. Check out their wiki article here. Very exciting, no? Despite not featuring Anole, Ianto, or any visibly queer characters, this book is one of my most anticipated this month! #excited
X-Men: Legacy #240
The penultimate issue of the Dubai storyline, guest starring Anole! This'll mostly be watching Anole get his butt handed to him by the Children of the Vault until Luz steps in to save 'im (and the rest of the team), but any time in the spotlight is good time in the spotlight! Plus, maybe we'll get to see his camouflage powers interacting with Luz's light manipulation abilities!
JSA #43
Post-JLA crossover, Obsidian and his dad deal with the fall out. I am SO excited to finally get an Obsidian-centric story! Hopefully it will be a good one: I don't really know Obsidian beyond his sexuality, and, especially after putting him through the ringer, I think this book has an opportunity to redefine him as a person and a superhero. Also, maybe we will see something about his boyfriend?????
GCS #16
AWESOME CROSSOVER ALERT! Zatanna and Talia Al Ghul guest star as Catwoman is kidnapped, probably for her knowledge of Batman's identity. The December solicits are hinting at a potential secret tearing apart the Sirens: could this storyline - and Batman's impending return - be the end of this incarnation of the GCS??? It all starts here, folks!

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