Saturday, September 11, 2010

One year anniversary and some exciting news!

Scarlet Betch is now on year old! A year ago, Anthony and I had an idea. We wanted to talk about comic books and general pan-geekery. We saw a lot of other people doing exactly what we wanted to do. And so... we just did it too. A year later, our podcast is still going strong and we're more excited than ever!

I guess it's only natural that our DIY enthusiasm would take itself to the next level. While we're still working out all the kinks, we're very excited to announce that Scarlet Betch, which has been your home for everything gay, geek, and gawesome... will be launching a new weekly (hopefully) webcomic series: SENSHI, a modern-day superhero re-imagining of the much beloved anime/manga series that will remain unnamed... ^_^''

We've added a new tag to our menu up top so that y'all can keep up with the latest in SENSHI. We'll post reminders here of course, but feel free to use that tab as your go-to.

and check out our teaser poster after the jump!

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