Monday, September 13, 2010

SuperQueeros! for September 15th, 2010

I've been meaning to link to my Flickr photostream of Dragon Con 2010, so there you go! And after you're done looking at that, take a look below at the three comics coming out this week that feature queer characters!

New Mutants #17
Fall of the New Mutants (a.k.a. Inferno 2.0!) continues! Last issue saw the introduction of the "10 mutant kill team" so this issue, I assume, will chronicle their first clash with the New Mutants. And that means KARMA'S-LEG ACTION! None of the villains are robots, though, so Karma may be too occupied taking over their minds to whip out the new hardware, but it's been months since she got that sucker: Let's take it for a test drive! Also Dani and Sam's crazy random kiss from last issue (or the one before?) is explained (though the explanation still assumes a pre-existing atmosphere of sexual tension. Slash alcohol consumption)!! #buyit

The Rawhide Kid #4
Marvel's queer cowboy wraps up his latest limited series this week as his Sensational Seven square off against Christos Pike's gang of cut-throats. I took a look at the preview and the first four pages building up to the climactic final assault depict... a straight kiss? Didn't the Rawhide Kid gather this gang? Shouldn't one of his exes be included in the mix, for some classic, drama-riddled sexual tension? Isn't that how stories work??? Rawhide Kid = tokenism, imo, so I haven't been reading this comic, but he's DEFINITELY Family, so pick it up if Queer Cowboy for the Straight Guy rings your bell!!

True Blood #3
Eric tells his tale this month, but Sam and Tara set a trap for the Trickster, so hopefully Lafayette will get to make a cameo during the scenes in Merlotte's. If you're mourning the end of the third season, this comic book be your crutch until next June!

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