Friday, April 23, 2010

Tennant and Stewart star in Hamlet production; Global nerdgasm imminent, experts warn

David Tennant, best known for his portrayal as the tenth Doctor of the long-running British sci-fi series Doctor Who, is teaming up with long-time geek icon and newly knighted Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame in a BBC production of the Bard's beloved masterpiece Hamlet. The production is airing in America on PBS as a part of their Great Performances series. You can find more information on local listing on their website. Additionally, the entire broadcast will be available on after it airs next Wednesday, April 28th.

I for one will be glued to the TV (or rather my computer screen as I have given Time Warner Cable the boot). Am I the only one hoping for a soliloquy starting with "To be or not to EXTERMINATE!" Hamlet in Space for the win.

So. much. nerd. right. now. #excited

I can only dream of all the Tennant/Stewart and Doctor/Picard slash to be made. Release the fangirls!

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