Monday, April 5, 2010

SuperQueeros! for April 7th, 2010

Which Superheroes are also SuperQueeros this week? Let's find out!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #34
OMG NO THEY DIDN'T! Yes they did! So last issue (or two months ago, thnx spoilers) we found out who Twilight is and this week we get some answers. Or at least the other characters start asking the big questions. And speaking of "Big" if Twilight isn't the Big Bad, who is? And will he/she/it sparkle? And why are Buffy and Angel going at it if nookie de-souls him? He is still a vamp again, right? Wait, wasn't he in sunlight last issue? #WTF

The Authority #21
I have never done such an about face on a title as I have had to for the Authority and the rest of the Wildstorm-verse. A few weeks ago I was trash-talking their "vanishing queers" policy to no end, but now I see that I was duped. Rainmaker, Apollo, and Midnighter are all still active and being written to grand effect, just in completely different titles! Apollo is kind of just floating through whatever title needs a deus ex machina (literally), Midnighter is kicking butt on Earth in Wildcats, and Rainmaker is along for the crazy ride of the newly minted Authority. And both titles are rocking OUT. Wildstorm, and the Authority in particular, has thrived when they've chucked the rule of verisimilitude out the window and apocalypse-d their Wildstorm-verse into a planet-wide hellhole, and right now they're in the middle of the biggest and baddest version of such an apocalypse that I've ever read! So grab some back issues and jump in. I know I'm eating my words and LOVING every bite!

House of Mystery #24
There's a murder and the goblins are angry, which means bazaar politics which means Tursig the gay troll!!! (I hope at least... Not sure what his roll in the book is, but he seems to be connected more to the bazaar than the actual House of Mystery) Plus, the feature story-within-a-story is called "Romantic Comedy, with Corpses", so this whole book seems to be fixing to ROCK. #getit

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