Tuesday, November 17, 2015

SuperQueeros! for November 18th, 2015

There are a lot of awesome, queer-inclusive titles out this week, so let's get to the listicle! SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Jem and the Holograms #9
Now that the 'grams are celebrating the success of their first music video, who better to crash it than their perennial rivals and sometime girlfriends, The Misfits!

Extraordinary X-Men #2
Storm is gathering her extinction team and next on the list is an alternate dimension's version of her dead boyfriend! 

Lumberjanes #20
It's mermaid warfare! Can the 'janes settle this conflict before it turns into World War Sea?

Secret Six #8
The crew continue their quest to right the magic of the universe!

Harley Quinn #22
Zena Bendemova is back and her name is amazing!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #21
In light of the constant demon invasions, Buffy has to form an alliance with the very people she is sworn to slay!

Rachel Rising #37
Rachel is coming out as a dead person! But will the town help their resident zombie solve her murder?

Earth 2 Society #6
Spotlight on the Hourman! 

Orphan Black Helsinki #1
The secrets of Helsinki come to light in this limited series! A break between seasons has never been so revealing.

Deadpool #2
Deadpool's solo series continues with a Kevin Wada variant cover!

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