Sunday, July 14, 2013

SuperQueeros! for July 17th, 2013

We've got some great queer comics, plus I've got some queer and queer-adjacent shout-outs! SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Batwoman #22
The D.E.O. are importing villains to take on Batman. What does that mean for Batwoman and Flamebird? Classic villains smack-down!!!

Invincible #104 
Last issue our happy homos Rick Sheridan and William Clockwell showed up for Angstrom Levy's return. Will the last through his vengeful stay this month???

X-Factor #259
THE TRUTH ABOUT LONGSHOT AND SHATTERSTAR?!?!?! FINALLY???? AFTER 20 YEARS????? YEEEEEESSSSSSSS! (Oh, also I guess this means Ric and 'Star are alive!!)

FF #9
Something about the evil FF attacking the whole Marvel U? Tong has zher work cut out for zher! But first... POOL PARTY!!!!
Uncanny X-Force - OTP!!!

Uncanny X-Force #8
Uh-oh, Cluster and Psylocke do not look like they are getting along... how will they be girlfriends now?????

Prophet #28
The solicit says that this issue focuses on the great granddaddy of the Prophets, so there may not be any John Ka in this issue. But they do give a name to that weird face-frame that so many costumes from the '90s had! They call it a "crown shield". I call it "needs more spirit gum".

Wonder Woman #22
Diana has landed on New Genesis! I wonder if New Gods and old demi-gods mix?

Gunnerkrigg Court #4
If you're not reading this webcomic about precocious lesbians online, then pick up the collected versions! The hardcover for the fourth cycle comes out today, so you have no excuses!

Red Sonja #1
While it's unclear if this book has any queers outright, it is written by Gail Simone and has a variant cover from basically all your fav women illustrators. So if no queer characters are introduced, at least you know it will be awesome!

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