Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Kevin Keller Day!

It's Kevin Keller day! 

Archie Comics' record- and pink ceiling-breaking queer is joining the It Gets Better campaign today, and there's so many ways you can show the love for everybody's favorite Riverdale resident!

1. Watch (and thumbs up!) his secret origin story:

After watching that video I was like, "If Dan Parent is this cool, his daughter must be AWESOME!"

2. Re-Tumbl the official posts on the It Gets Better tumblr, or all the Keller-tagged tumblr posts, like this awesome homage a classic Sabrina cover!
It Gets Kevin!!!!!
3. Like his official page on Facebook, or friend an unofficial him! Or, better yet, friend a real life person whose name is Kevin Keller and spread the love!

4. Buy his new book on Amazon! Or, order every single comic of his over at the Archie website!
I love that Kev is front and center!

5. Follow the tweets of the It Gets Better twitter, like this post about Dan Parent's GLAAD media award and acceptance speech!
How to be a real life Superqueero!
What are some ways you can think of to show the Keller love?

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