Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scarlet Betch Episode 75

Hey Betches!

Hi folks! Anthony and I got to record a very special podcast featuring a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE! (In reality we were both in Montreal for a friend's wedding and made our friend listen to us talk about comics). We talk about Astonishing X-men (and how fabulous Marjorie Liu is), Assimilation vs. Co-habitation politics in Uncanny Avengersand Ultimate X-men (that... and the decidedly hentai relationship between Ultimate Rogue and the Sentient Seed *ew*). We also dish about the newest in Young Avengers and how much we love Prodigy! Hope you enjoy! Subscribe to our podcast over at the iTunes site, or download it directly HERE!

Let us know what you think! Plus, any comics you think we missed in our coverage let us know! Send us a tweet @ScarletBetch or by email at

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