Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Superqueeros! for January 6th, 2010

Happy New Year!!! You know the schtick: I scour the solicitations each week for LGBTT-SAP...etc. characters and you guys make your pink dollar known. If you let me know when I've missed somebody, I'll edit the entry faster than Barry Allen on a sugar high!

Nation X: X-Factor #1
Ricstar goes on a roadtrip! XFI is headed to Utopia to discuss why Cyclops decided to tempt fate by naming his first island-nation "Utopia". Okay, maybe that's not what the solicitation says, but a boy can hope, right? Either way, Ricstar makes an appearance so I'm a happy camper no matter what happens. Also, Siren is in the final preview page, which means that this comic is one of those nebulously timed spin-off issues that might be set after the main title's current storyline. So, technically, this issue might be a spoiler. Hopefully Peter David will first address the temporal mechanics of this book, then have Ricstar make out for a page, and then let Valeria Richards swoop down and snark at Cyclops until he changes the name of his island.

New Mutants #9
YAY! Necrosha is OVER! Well, the main storyline isn't, but the interminable New Mutants tie-in is! And we get reveals about New Illyana's (aka New-Yana) twisty origins and purpose on the team. If you remember, she 'ported into present-day 616 to pull a Heroes and save-the-cheerleader, save-the-world, but ATM we have no idea who the Claire of this storyline is. Hopefully, though, Karma will be the Gretchen and we can have some super-cute lesbian romance (aka lez-mance). Of course, given the tone of the series so far, I'd say that that's about as likely as Cannonball NOT punching a teammate in the neck. #wtf #heisnotadrunkenredneck #heisafarmboy

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 (of 3)
OMG I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ISSUE! WW vs. Maxwell Lord was pretty wicked, but now we have an issue whose place in the timeline of Blackest Night will have drastic effects on the subject matter of this issue! Will it be Necrotic Wonder Woman or Star Sapphire Wonder Woman who graces these pages? Maybe we'll have a look into her mind during the events of BN #6 and see both! Either way, it'll be awesome and epic and hopefully she'll fight with Mera! #iloveWW

The Authority #18
World's End is over! Yay! And from the looks of it, Apollo is alive, mobile, and sporting a sexy new haircut! I'm definitely picking this issue up for that last reason ALONE. Also, there's some big question about whether the Authority will use their revived Carrier to return to their dimension-hopping status quo or if they'll stay and be helpful and return the current, crappy Wildstorm U to it's formerly only semi-crappy status. I say, "Detch it, betches!" but mostly because I think it's pretty clear that they're gonna stay and save all the babies and kittens and stuff. Sigh... maybe there will be man-on-man snuggles? #hopeful

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