Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Invasion of Lovecraftian Proportions Imminent

Some crazy shit has been going down in the airspace above Norway. First we get some batshit crazy spiraling vortex cloud, which was later claimed to be a malfunctioning Russian missile test (as if that would make any of us feel any better). Now, an amateur photographer has captured images of strange jellyfish shaped phenomenon bouncing off the northern lights.

Prepare yourselves, my children. For the elder gods are coming. RUN AWAY!!

"In this way it would act like an 'iridium flare.',These are created by sunlight reflecting off iridium satellites and appear as bright white flashes in the sky. One problem with this theory is that the light intensity from the Northern Lights is 100,000 times weaker than the sunlight. But Mr Hansen said this did not exclude the satellite reflection hypothesis." source

 Under closer investigation, I can now definitively say that this is either Cthulu returning from the unspeakable parallel dimension to which he was imprisoned, or the flying spaghetti monster. But I hate Pastafarians and their hipster ironic atheism.

And a shot from space:

END OF THE WORLD! and/or a Dr. Who Episode featuring Philip Pullman

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