Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News Flash! House of Mystery!

Matt Sturges, author of Jack of Fables, JSA: All Stars, House of Mystery, and much more, has just tweeted some spoilers for his openly gay goblin character in House of Mystery. In his own words:

matt_sturges: Just outlined next year's worth of House of Mystery. It'll be the only comic on the stands in which an openly gay goblin becomes a war hero.

I just picked up House of Mystery this month, so I don't know much about the goblin character. I wasn't certain when I read that issue, but from the tweet it appears he's a central character. If you need a critique to whet your appetite, HoM seems like a cute, slightly-twisted, romp of a book. If you like Fables or Tales from the Crypt, HoM is right up your alley. Plus, this month's issue featured a gay cowboy, so ++BONUS++! (even though he met with a Lovecraft-ian demise...)

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Jason said...

i don't think i've given Fables the chance that it deserves.

I tried to read the first trade and only got halfway through. Am I the only one who finds the arts kind of... er... boring?

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