Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Superqueeros! for January 27th, 2010

Every Wednesday boys stumble over themselves to ask me what SuperQueeros! is and I say, "It's my weekly round up of what queer-inclusive comics are hitting the stands near you. If you think I've missed any, leave a comment and let me know." Then they swoon. ;)

Detective Comics #861

For the next three months we have double the Batwoman as she and Dick crossover into each other's titles. Detective promises to be as freaky as ever when Batman and Batwoman team up to stop a Cutter. The covers are still J.H. Williams III, but the interiors are going to be another artist because J.H. is working on the pages for Batwoman #1!!! So he's not gone, just promoted.

Batman and Robin #7

Finally, I get to write about Morrison's Batman and Robin! I look forward to this title every month, and now that Morrison's taking his stab at Batwoman, I'm twice as chuffed! My only reservation is that Morrison showed a strange POV on queer parents when he gave Jenny Quantum/Quarks (I can't keep them straight) the line "Uncle Apollo." YOU DON'T CALL ADOPTIVE PARENTS "UNCLE", GRANT. Hopefully that's all behind him and he can bring us a Batwoman as awesome as the first part of this series. EDIT: Morrison calls his take on Kate Kane, "the acid bubblegum version of the character."

X-Factor #201

Yay! Any day with a new X-Factor issue is a good day, and any day with Layla Miller teaming up with Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic to kidnap the Invisible Woman and take down X-Factor is AWESOME. I wonder how a fight between superqueero Shatterstar and Layla would go? Would even he lose to the woman who "knows stuff"? And, if she's the Layla Miller who gave all her memories to her past self, doesn't that mean that she shouldn't know stuff any more? For that matter, what has grown-up Layla been DOING since Decimation??? #answers!

X-Men: Legacy #232

Rogue + Magneto = OTP? That equation has always confused me, but there are a set of writers who thinks it's super-logical, duuuh. Judging from the cover and the preview, Carey's going to be taking his stab at this (arguably) classic pairing, but let's hope he doesn't skimp on the inclusion of Destiny in this story! Rogue's adopted mom would probably have a thing or two to say to Rogue about her choice in paramours. However, give that Mystique's age is both greater than Destiny's and undetermined, that advice might not be what we'd assume.

Wonder Woman #40

New Wonder Woman storyline! The cover looks like it features the five children of Ares (simply because there are five of them, not because they look particularly Ares-ian), so it'll be interesting to see if they are and, if so, what Simone's take on them will be. Traditionally they would be the children of Ares and Aphrodite; what would that mean for Wonder Woman, who is both Aphrodite's Violet Lantern and the perennial enemy of Ares? Simone is set to raise some interesting questions, she's been revitalizing this title to critical acclaim, the past few issues have been uber queer-inclusive, and, since this is a new storyline, it's a great time to pick up the title. Plus, an investment in any Simone title is an investment in shirtless hunks fighting, so it's not like there's a "lose" scenario here. #fabulous #fierce #fiiiiine

Gotham City Sirens #8

Oh GCS! You are the tease of all supervillain comics! The Riddler started out his life in comics as a man driven over the edge because he was a closet-case, but who knows if his current incarnation has any queerings of his sexuality. The similarly ambiguously sapphic Sirens are starting up a Riddler team-up/double-cross/something-messy, so jump in now to see what develops. If nothing else, it's four of the Bat's greatest villains all in one title. #win

Justice Society of America #35
JSA makes the list because Bill Willingham is a cool guy (on his twitter account), the preview really grabbed my attention, and eventually the team is going to save Obsidian and he'll become an active member. So if you want to follow this title's whole Obsidian-inclusive run, you technically want to grab this issue. Even though he's still an egg.

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