Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long SHOW CHOIR?!

Glee + Joss Whedon = Geekgasm... or... Gleekgasm, if you will.

Glee + Joss Whedon + Neil Patrick Harris + Kurt's new boyfriend = the rough equivalent of a gay geek fourgy of indeterminate splendor.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michael Ausiello revealed that not only is Joss Whedon slated to direct an episode of the hit tv-show, but Neil Patrick Harris is in definite talks to guest star in the episode.

Ausiello also notes that this is not only a reunion for Whedon and Harris, who famously partnered for the award-winning Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog, NPH will also be reunited with choreographer Zachary Woodlee, who choreographed the musical episode on How I Met Your Mother.

On top of that, if adding Neil Patrick "Gay Man of the Decade" Harris to your list of guest stars wasn't enough, it was also revealed that teen queen, Kurt, is finally getting a boyfriend. No more mopey-eyed, unrequited stares at Finn for our limp wristed lothario. And even better, we're dodging that tired gay high school storyline of the fairy dating the closeted jock secret relationship bullet. It's 2010 and gay teen relationships are in. The relationship is described as a "power couple", "Prom King and King."

I. can't. wait.

The gayest show on TV just got EVEN gayer. Oh, and to put the cherry on top of the proverbial sundae... Jane Lynch will be singing "Vogue" on the Madonna episode. *win

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