Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Original Scarlet BETCH

Here at the Scarlet Betch we endeavor to bring you the 411 on queers in comics (and miscellaneous geekery) as it happens. But I believe we also have a duty to report when someone in the comic book world is being a red-hot, some might say scarlet, BETCH. Right now no company is a better example of that than the creators of the Scarlet Witch herself, Marvel comics.

Yesterday Marvel announced that they had GENEROUSLY decided to make a HUMANITARIAN offer to comic book retailers around the nation. Remember November's Blackest Night tie-in books from that little comic book publisher, DC? You know, the ones you ordered 300 copies of because they came with those multi-coloured plastic rings? Yeah, they've been taking up a lot shelf space, not being sold, right? (Don't answer, we know it to be true) Well, if you send in 50 stripped covers from those issues Marvel will GRACIOUSLY, out of the KINDNESS of their HEARTS because you are a STRUGGLING small business and they are a MAGNAMOUS SUPER-COMPANY, give you something that you will be able to sell: the ultra-rare Deadpool variant cover issue of SEIGE #3.

Because one issue of Seige and Deadpool is equal to 50 issues of Blackest Night tie-ins.


Here's the list of comics whose covers you can send in:
Adventure Comics #4
Booster Gold #26
Doom Patrol #4
Justice League Of America #39
Outsiders #24.
R.E.B.E.L.S #10

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