Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Superqueeros! for January 13th, 2010

You know the schtick: I scour the solicitations each week for LGBTT-SAP...etc. characters and you guys make your pink dollar known. If you let me know when I've missed somebody, I'll edit the entry faster than Buffy on a sugar high!

Buffy has super powers! Like Superman! And now she is going to go and save all of her friends! I don't know how I feel about BtVS bowing to such cliche comic book norms (from the preview of 32 we can see that she has gained, essentially, Superman's classic abilities). This will either enable Buffy to be more herself than ever before, or it will turn the book into Heroes Season 2 and 3: Everyone's So Powerful We Made Them Idiots so that the Plot-Required Inaction is Plausible. Until we find out, however, I'm going to sit quietly and loyally by this title to see where Joss's going, hoping for another "Gifted," but understanding that it might be as wanderingly mediocre as his Runaways run.

I love this book! This week Nate's gonna go crazy on Norman's punk-ass! Hopefully we're gonna see the team work together to match and better the Psionic Shaman's unparalleled abilities. Of course, this book has been throwing curve balls recently, what with the giant brain made of people, etc, etc, so who knows how this will turn out! #shirtlessboys

YES!!!!!!!! Tim Fish on Northstar and his bf!!! Spotlight on Jubilee!!! Martha Johansson in a race against time! A Quentin Quire cameo AND an Anole cameo! Gambit doing something moody! This book has it all, people! Pick it up, read it, love it, and will it to your children. Plus, does anyone else think that the four kids on the cover would not make the most excellently dysfunctional team?

Secret Six #17

This is a continuation of last week's Blackest Night: Suicide Squad that I didn't cover because I didn't know the Six would be guesting. Evidently that issue was a little scattered, as this one may prove to be. But it's Simone, so check in for the requisite beefcake and lez-mance!

Way back in the day when this title was alive and not a resurrected Black Lantern title, Selina had a friend of the Sapphic persuasion. Be on the look out for her cameo in this "Selina vs. BL Black Hand: Grudge Rematch" one shot. EDIT: I'm not guaranteeing a cameo, just figuring there will be one.

Star Trek: Captain's Log: Sulu #1

Just because George Takei is everyone's favourite gay uncle. And he looks so dashing in his uniform.

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