Monday, March 1, 2010

SuperQueeros! for March 3rd, 2010

Each week I scour the weekly solicitations for all that's queer in comic-dom. This week:

Detective Comics #862
This week it's the middle chapter in Rucka's three part, time-hopping tale of parallelism, Cutter, and the second to last issue of Batwoman's Detective run before she jumps to her own title. I'm excited to see what Rucka brings to the characters by running them next to each other, and the art by Jock is pretty baller and moody. The Cutter himself is probably the most viscerally creepy villain I've read in comics, despite that fact that he's another one of those much re-hashed, silence-of-the-lambs, collector-killer types. If you like shows like Criminal Minds, this is def the book for you!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #33
It's the one before the one where Twilight reveals his identity! That was a little bit anti-climactic, but if you've been following this book you know that BtVS is just picking up steam. They've raised the stakes with Buffy's newfound (probably temporary) abilities, and returned everyone to tip top strength (or death). Half the Scoobies are hostages and the other half have let the enemy into their camp. We know that Twilight is going to reveal himself, and many of us already know who he is, but the intense focus on that one reveal means that we know nothing about all the other, plot-driving events that are going to unfold. So what is about to go down? For once in the history of advance-solicited comics, we have no idea. EDIT: BAM! has an interview with the author and this issue IS the big reveal!!! #twelvetimesasexcited

Authority #20
Is that Rainmaker on the cover?????? Is this book STILL queer-inclusive with one of my fav bi characters of all time? Why does no one update the Wildstorm wiki pages? Some of these questions may be answered in this book, and as soon as one of us picks it up to find out, we'll post the answers right here! (Seriously, though, I dislike queer-exclusive Wildstorm a lot. Do you know if Sarah's in this book now?)

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