Monday, March 22, 2010

SuperQueeros! for March 24th

Each week I find the queers in comics and let you know who's gaily kicking @$$! This week:

Wildcats #21
The Wildcats are on the fence as their first post-Apollo and Midnighter story finishes up. Based on the preview, if Apollo isn't the deus ex machina, at least he'll get a cameo. Based on the solicits, however, the writer wants to kill off some people: hopefully Apollo isn't going to become a death-for-Midnighter's-character-development. #candysouthern

X-Factor #203
M and Guido are going on a trip to smack some betches down. No Rictor and Shatterstar this issue, but expect a whole lot of smack down and associated awesome. Also, according to the solicits, we'll "never guess who's behind it all". I choose Penance, based on the dream sequence that starts the issue and the fact that Peter David can do awesome things with characters whose only purpose was to act as plot devices.

Corner of the Queer Eye:
Uncanny X-Men #522
Though not prominently featuring queers, UXM always has quite a few gay cameos. Much more importantly, though, KITTY COMES BACK THIS ISSUE!!!! #buyit

Justice Society of America #37
We might get to see the Obsidian Egg this issue! The baddies are turning on their power-negating engine that they made out of my favourite hapless gay security guard/superhero. All in all, a nice story that doesn't seem to have any (awake) queer characters only because the gay guy's dad saddled him with trope-based abilities. #InfiniteEnergyPowers

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