Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chris Evans Tapped as New Cap', Marvel Plans for Another Film Flop

Hollywood Reporter posted a story about Marvel offering the role of Captain America to Chris Evans. I am so under enthused by this prospect. Sure Chris Evans has the steely muscular build (and abs you could sand plywood on) required for the job, but nowadays a good bod comes dime a dozen amongst the Hollywood leading men.

Evans' knucklehead persona and obnoxious crooked grin don't speak to the inspirational quality of Captain America. He's supposed to be everything we admire about the red, white, and blue... and not in the NASCAR racing, beer guzzling, hog-riding way. But the Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, "we hold these truths to be self-evident" kind of way.

And you expect me to believe that Chris "Flame On!" Evans is going to produce that?

Marvel had a good thing going with Iron Man, but it's clear that unless some miraculous director swoops in and imbues Evans with some decent acting chops, Captain America will go the way of the Fantastic Four... oh wait! Wasn't he ALSO in that failed film franchise? (To be fair he wasn't nearly as painful as Jessica Alba trying to pretend to be as smart as Sue Storm)

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