Monday, March 8, 2010

SuperQueeros! for March 10th, 2010

Each week I scour the weekly solicitations for all that's queer in comic-dom. This week:

Dark X-Men #5
The last issue!!!! I know that Dark X-Men really don't have a place in a Heroic Age, so it is with teary eyes that I bid farewell to my favorite X-title of the year. O Dark X-Men, you had it all: bisexuals, spot-on characterization of A-list through D-list characters, depression, cold blooded murder, people made of pure psionic energy, pure psionic energy made of people, and even the Green Goblin! But I know that you're not going to let me down, Dark X-Men. I know that this, your last issue, is going to be full of the things we love: violence, mental insanity, explosions, and dashed hopes. Also, I hope you take that bomb or whatever it is out of Mystique because I'm gonna want her to be a free agent again. No offense Normie, but working with you she can't meet any nice girls. #gonnabeawesome

Secret Six #19
CATMAN-CENTRIC STORY! I love how all DC (not just Gail! INO!!!) loves their blond beefcake. And this next Secret Six storyline, all about Catman scratching his way through his checkered past, is going to be no exception. Add to it the socio-sexual Ragdoll, two lesbians, and one ripped, hairy daddy and you have the queerest comic on the stands today. Pick it up! #gailluv

House of Mystery #23
OMFG. Anyone who read last issue knows that this sh*t is. F***ed. Up. I CAN NOT wait to see the fallout from last issue! Fig is going to MURDER someone, and probably not figuratively! Also, this is a really casually queer inclusive title that ends up being one of the most gay-positive books I've read. Watching goblin geeks get rejected by goblin studs is super cute/real, and knowing that it's the set up for an awesome underdog story later in the year is just heartwarming. Plus, did I mention how every other character is a festering pastiche of childhood traumas? Yeah. Love this book.

Gotham City Sirens #10
The cover to this month's issue is beautiful! Also, this book has been getting some really positive reviews in the past issues. I know we've been paying attention to it since it started, and that I'm not really sure how queer this book really is, but it's funny, it's sexy, and it tells stories from the point of view of some the DCU's most interesting characters: the Bat-Villains. Riddler continues his guest appearance this month as he tries to help the Sirens NOT take the fall for a murder they've been framed for. Who are a villain's villains? Find out in GCS #10!

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