Monday, March 15, 2010

SuperQueeros! for March 17th, 2010

Each week I scour the weekly solicitations for all that's queer in comic-dom. This week:

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!! It seems that all the queer characters are off celebrating; there are only two titles making this week's list!

The Authority: The Lost Year #7
The Authority are trapped on a world where the Engineer and the Doctor rule warring nations (one hemisphere each) and in which Apollo was caught in the crossfire! Now The Authority's version of Apollo has been captured and it's up to the team to get him back before the two bereaved Midnighters end up killing each other. However, none of these scenarios answer the eternal question, how far would Midnighter go with himself? #crossedfingers

Dark Avengers #15
Osbourne's secret weapon is revealed! Will The Sentry end up dying, thereby answering the prayers of his million and one detractors? Will Daken factor at all into this book? Will Karla make a move to sleep with Victoria too? Some of these questions will be answered and some come from the fanfiction I'm writing! Find out all the answers this month (though not necessarily in Dark Avengers #15)!

PS - I'm not actually writing Moonstone/Victoria Hand fanfiction, even though anything Hand does is HOT. #sexylibrarian

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